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Colors of the Month: Which Color Represents each Month of the Year?

The significance and symbolism of color is evident in many cultures and traditions across the globe. Put simply, different colors make us feel different things. The calming effects of shades of blue, the fiery or festive associations linked to the color red, or the smile that a bright yellow object seems to naturally bring to our face are proof of this.

Different colored birth stones have long been used to describe aspects of people’s personalities, just like zodiac signs. Nowadays, there is even a new system called colorstrology, which breaks down each day and month of the year into separate colors, and explains their meaning and energy.

 So, let’s delve into the colors of the month and learn some more about what each one means and represents:

January – White, Light Blue

February – Cherry Red, Pink

March – Emerald Green, Purple

April – Pale Yellow, Grass Green

May – Cream, Lilac

June – Pale Orange, Pearl

July – Coral, Yellow

August – Burnt Red, Orange

September – Rust, Bright Blue

October – Maroon, Indigo

November – Brown, Gold

December – Forest Green, Dark Red


Colors of January:

White symbolizes a blank page and fresh start to the New Year, coupled with Light Blue to evoke snowfall and winter.

Colors of February:

The month of love and Valentine’s Day is represented by romantic and playful Cherry Red and Pink tones.

Colors of March:

Deep, jewel tones perfectly embody March, as the days start to get brighter, and St Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras are celebrated.

Colors of April:

The joyful, pastel-infused colors of Spring are all around us in April. Think bunnies, Easter eggs, and new plant growth.

Colors of May:

Cream and Lilac represent flowers in full bloom, and the sense of organization and calm that the month of May brings.

Colors of June:

With its Pearl colored birthstone, June is also represented by Pale Orange, signifying the start of warmer months.

Colors of July:

Bright, vibrant Coral and Yellow sum up the month of July and all of its energy, promise, excitement, and fun.

Colors of August:

Think of the Burnt Red and Orange-y tones of Autumn and find yourself transported to your favorite sunset memory.

Colors of September:

Rust symbolizes the changing of the leaves, while Bright Blue evokes this month’s Sapphire birthstone.

Colors of October:

As hues begin to darken and the days get shorter, deep yet classic Maroon and Indigo provide a refined backdrop to the month of October.

 Colors of November:

Brown and Gold combine to give a warm, bronze-y effect to the penultimate month of the year, to carry us into the winter.

Colors of December:

Festive Forest Green and Dark Red denote the holiday period we all know and love, bringing smiles to faces throughout December.

Colors of the Month Chart. Colors of the Month graphic.

How can I incorporate the Colors of the Month into my home?

If you’re somebody who likes to ebb and flow with the changing colors throughout the year, you’ll be surprised at just how effective small changes can be. It’s simple, really! Try switching up your shams, rotating throw pillows depending on the time of year, or using different colored and patterned throws depending on the season. This can completely change the mood and vibe in your home, and spark joy as each month goes by.