What Are The Colors Of May: 2022 Edition

What Are The Colors Of May: 2022 Edition

Colors are often used as tools of symbolism in various cultures and traditions. Incorporating these different colors in your life can help you harvest their energies. 

Consequently, colors allow you to strike a harmonious balance between your surrounding elements and your emotions. They can help you improve your spiritual presence and clean your energy, making room for deep-rooted healing and grounding. 

Spiritual practices and soothing energies are crucial elements of a good downtime. We, at Sunday Citizen, have created a guide with the Colors of the Month that you can refer to throughout the year to better assimilate these healing frequencies in your life. In this edition, we will help you navigate through the realm of colors suitable for the month of May. 

Cream and lilac are two colors that can capture the true essence of May. Whether through gemstones, birth flowers, or bedding, including these colors in your routine can help you bring a mystic charm to your living space. 

Why Are Cream And Lilac Considered To Be The Colors Of May?

May is a month full of hope, happiness, and prosperous growth, making cream an ideal May color. Cream is a beautifully balanced color that combines the warmth of yellow and the calmness of white. It is one of the most pleasant colors emulating the ultimate sense of tranquility and serenity. Its soothing appeal can help you relax your body and mind for a good night’s sleep. A well-rested mind serves as a cauldron for brewing unique ideas. 

Embodying the rustic charm of this color in your living space will allow you to open doors of the creative vision for improved work experiences with quality sleep and rest. 

The month of May marks the translation of full bloom spring to robust summer. Many traditions consider May the month of fertility and femininity. Colors such as lilac are widely revered to celebrate innocence and youthfulness. 

Incorporating this shade of violet can help you introduce feelings of serenity, inspiration, and soothing to your living space. The lasting sense of peace and healing that accompanies lilac will allow you to tap into your body’s spiritual center during long nights for lasting rejuvenation. 

How To Incorporate May Colors In Your Living Space?

One of the best ways to introduce colors and their healing energies in your life is through elements present in your home. The soothing tones in cream make it one of the best base colors for upholstery and bedding. You can even opt to layer your bedding using the cream variant of Woodland Throw to add a chic and sophisticated look. 

Shades such as lilac are excellent for introducing subtle yet eye-catching pops of color in your living space. For instance, the lilac-colored Snug Waffle Mini Pillow, and Snug Lumbar Pillow are excellent for adding colorful elements with added comfort and a luxe feel. 

Further, you can even opt for cream and lilac-themed lifestyle products such as the Snug Waffle Robe or the Nube Ribbed Long Cardigan. Investing in such diverse items can help you incorporate these colors into your everyday routine. 

What Are Some Other May Related Themes That You Can Enjoy?

Birthstones and birth flowers are some of the greatest ways to embody the tranquil essence of May. By tapping into their healing energies, you will surely bring a lasting sense of harmony and calm to your home. 

1. Gemstones and Crystals

Much like how the month of May marks the beginning of summer, Emerald, the birthstone of May, symbolizes rebirth and renewal. It holds strong associations with fertility and health. Many age-old traditions believe that this green gem is responsible for foresight and wisdom, unparalleled luck, fortune, and lasting youthfulness. 

Investing in this beautiful gemstone can bring an eternal sense of peace and security to your home. Emeralds can also help you relieve stress for grounded relaxation and quality downtime.  

2. Birth Flowers

Lily of the Valley, or Mayflower, is considered the birth flower of May. According to the Language of Flowers, it represents the return of happiness and joy with fortune and humility. It symbolizes youth, purity, and unwavering sincerity, making it a favorite in weddings and related rituals. 

By planting Mayflowers in your garden, you can keep your home safe from negativity while attracting lifelong abundance and joy. 

3. Wedding Colors

Opting for vibrant and energizing color palettes for summer weddings is all the rage nowadays. If you’re getting married during May, you could opt for bright-toned colors such as yellow, blue, violet, or play it safe with classic soothing pastel shades. These colors would not only embody the youthful spirit of May but also help you invite healing energies during your ceremony for a blissful marriage. 

4. Zodiac Signs

Taurus and Gemini are the astrological signs falling in May. Tauruses are widely known for their drive, dependability, and intelligence, making them some of the most stable and ambitious people you’ll ever meet. Geminis are curious, chatty, and highly adaptive people who value friendships and love over anything else. 

5. Clement Weather

May is a month of transition; it marks the gradual passage of sultry spring into a bright and warm summer. It is a period of growth and changes characterized by pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunshine. It is an ideal month for outdoor socializing activities. So, what are you waiting for? Feel the sun and make the most of this month with weekly family picnics and Sunday brunches! 

May Colors For The Ultimate Sense Of Peace

The colors of May are deeply symbolic of the intrinsic nature of this month, full of happiness, calm, and organization. Adding colorful May-inspired elements to your home can help you capture this month’s soothing power for growth and inspiration. 

Although old, these traditions can bring effective changes to your living space. Whether it’s healing, prosperity, balance, or the ultimate sense of rejuvenation, the colors of May will guide you through this month with peace and happiness.