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Not all fabrics are created equal.
That's why we carefully craft our own unique, radically soft, durable, and practical blends.


We carefully crafted our signature Snug fabric OEKO-TEX®-certified to be a year-round essential. The result? A soft-as-a-cloud blend that’s so cozy, other fabrics will never feel the same. As easy to love as it is to care for, simply throw your Snug in the washer and dryer as needed.

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double snug

We loved Snug so much that we doubled it. An extra layer gives this fabric added warmth and fluff, providing a comforting weight that feels plush and luxurious (but still breathable).

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premium bamboo

Our Premium Bamboo sheets are made entirely from viscose derived from bamboo; one of the planet's fastest growing and most sustainable plants, requiring significantly less water and pesticides than cotton. This thermoregulating and OEKO-TEX®-certified fabric has a silky-smooth feel to rival the most luxurious sheets on the market.

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muslin cotton

There’s a reason muslin is so popular; this lightweight and breathable OEKO-TEX®-certified cotton features a loose weave for premium softness. Airy and breezy with a charming, freshly wrinkled look.

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Hamptons Muslin Cotton Bundle Fog


There’s a reason we named this fabric after clouds; Nube is designed to make you feel like you're wearing your favorite blanket. It’s the fluffy, cozy, extra-comfy goodness we all need in our lazy day closet.



Easy-care, cashmere-soft, satisfyingly stretchy, and anti-wrinkle. This deliciously soft and flattering fabric is perfect for all day (and all night!) wear. Pro tip: lay flat to dry after washing; quick-drying Cosset saves energy and is good for the planet!

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washable silk

If you like sleeping light (and looking gloriously chic in the process), this is the fabric for you. Buttery and breathable, these fine silk sleepwear staples survive and thrive in the washing machine. Then, simply hang to dry.

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naked modal

Buttery-soft, light as a feather, and so silky soft it almost feels like being naked. This easy wear, indoor-outdoor fabric is gloriously smooth and versatile; you’ll never want to take these pieces off.

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