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beyond a blanket

We are curators of soft. Seekers of chill. We believe in comfort over everything.

Fabrics so disruptively soft they make you hit the snooze button one more time.

Products so radically cozy, you’ll rejoice when the night out gets cancelled.

We craft pieces for citizens of the Sunday lifestyle.

If you are serious about making time for yourself.

If you love power naps, cat naps, naps with cats, 2-hour naps, caffeinated naps, and siestas.

If you feel your best when you’re comfortable.

If you believe that there’s no such thing as time wasted.

If softness is the object of your desire.

We see you, Sunday Citizen.

Sunday Citizen

our product

We've got a soft spot when it comes to keeping things comfy. 
That's why we have engineered unique fabric blends that promise to be always soft, are durable and easy to wash! 

We want you to be covered in softness on the moments where it matters most: while you're in bed, just relaxing at home and when it comes to your little ones. For our three collections, we are focused on creating modern designs that not only make you look good, but more importantly they make you feel great!

Sunday Citizen

our story

It all started with a luxury hotel owner who was on a quest to find the softest blankets.

Unhappy with the blankets the market had to offer, he partnered with a textile engineer to make his very own super soft blanket. 
The result was a blanket that was so soft, durable, and cozy that they decided to share it with the world. 

But blankets are just the beginning. Why not take this uniquely soft fabric, and outfit the world? 

And just like that, our three collections were born. 
We are textile experts and comfort lovers, dedicated to sourcing and curating the very best fabrics for similar indulgent souls.

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