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We’re a fourth-generation textile family with one mission: to create moments of joy through comfortable things.

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We’re a fourth-generation textile family with one mission: to create moments of joy through comfortable things.


An entrepreneur approached us to develop a blanket for his luxury hotels.

It was no easy task; he wanted it to be soft as cashmere, but able to withstand heavy hotel use and industrial cleaning. We embraced the challenge and created our first line of blankets for exclusive use in his hotels. Fast forward two years, and our blankets were performing even better than we expected. It seemed like almost every guest wanted to buy one, many blankets even mysteriously went "missing" (!) and, most telling to us, our kids couldn’t sleep without them. That's when we realized our product should be shared with the world. So, we partnered with Michael, the hotelier, to form a family company with one simple mission: to create joy through comfort, one soft piece at a time. Here’s to softness and happiness.

Mike & Michelle Co-founders of Sunday Citizen

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We maintain the highest quality materials and manufacturing processes, while reducing operational costs and passing on those savings to you.

Woman seated wearing a Sunday Citizen Waffle Robe Blush


Fast forward a few years…

Not all fabrics are created equal. Not all companies work the same. At Sunday Citizen, we produce soft, durable, and easy-care home goods that aren't just comfortable; they create comfort. (Plus, they’re rather easy on the eye).

We work directly with our manufacturers to develop and craft each one of our signature fabric blends, and have full control over quality.

We skip the middleman to provide the best prices and customer experience.

Every item is rigorously tested, to make sure it can withstand the wear and tear of modern life and be loved for years to come.

Our Fabrics

Spotlight on Sustainability

We strive to keep our production responsible, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

Here are some of the environmental moves we’ve made: each of our comforters’ filling is made from 50+ recycled PET plastic bottles. Our minimal packaging is made from recycled materials, designed to keep waste to a minimum and be easily reusable. We donate every open-box return, making sure our products don’t end up in landfill. Finally, we’re constantly looking for fabrics that are eco-friendly and also satisfy our love for soft, such as our Premium Bamboo collections.

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The Sunday Citizen Community's Impact

1% of every Sunday Citizen purchase is donated to a nonprofit of your choice.
Check out the impact the Sunday Citizen community is making below.

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