Say Hello To Fall With These Warm August Colors: 2022 Edition

Say Hello To Fall With These Warm August Colors: 2022 Edition

August is a month of change, marking the end of Summer and the gradual beginning of Fall - one of the year's most magical seasons. Due to this running theme of transition, the spiritual energy tied to this month speaks to new beginnings on all levels; mental, emotional, and even physical. August is a time for deep-rooted introspection, allowing us to reconnect with our true inner self, to develop, mature and find peace. 

Why Are Burnt Red And Orange Widely Associated With August?

Orange and burnt red are the colors most commonly associated with the month of August, due to their fiery appeal and warm nature. These unique, aesthetically pleasing tones evoke feelings of warmth and comfort - just what is needed in this transitional month. The bright boldness of orange and burnt red will motivate you to challenge yourself and push your boundaries, as you strive for greater heights. 

Burnt red, in particular, symbolizes power and enthusiasm; you could say this seasonal hue is encouraging you to take on something new in your life! Many people find burnt red to be empowering, energizing, and confidence-boosting, providing them with a bit of extra zeal to speed ahead. Harness this color's powerful energy and incorporate it into your life throughout the month of August, for resounding success and an increased sense of security.

The color orange is associated with joy, radiance, enthusiasm, warmth, and prosperity. If you're looking to make a change and want a personal cheerleader, you can be sure that orange will be rooting for you! Whether you choose to feature orange in your wardrobe, your living space, or both (!), this is undoubtedly one of the cheeriest colors to have in your life. Its powerful yet soothing aura will leave you feeling ready for anything, and fuel you to help you reach your goals!

Bring Warmth To Your Life And Home With These Auburn Tones

With the dawn of autumn, it’s likely that all you want to do is bundle up on the couch and sip on a mug of steaming hot tea. Investing in plush, cozy bedding or decor items in your lounge and bedroom can help you transform your home into a fall haven. If you're looking to spruce up your living space, consider opting for the aforementioned warm tones of burnt red and orange, for a simple yet effective way of inviting peace and happiness into your life.

Sunday Citizen’s Casablanca Throw is ideal for adding a pop of color and comfort to your living room, bedroom, or even your porch! Its warm and cuddly nature will help you make the most of the scenic weather outside. Additionally, if you're looking for bedding that is both functional and fits into your autumn aesthetic, the Casablanca Lumbar Pillow is just the perfect pick. Its unique memory foam technology will ensure your body is well-supported for a good night's rest. At the same time, its bold pattern is perfect for helping you bring warmth indoors.

Moreover, a Scented Candle can make your downtime more relaxing and soothe your body and mind leaving you rejuvenated for the next day. As you know, nothing completes a relaxing day without comfortable loungewear. You could opt for the Cosset Relaxed Sweatpants to incorporate the warm tones of this month in your self-care ritual for the ultimate sense of peace at home. 

Here's How You Can Make The Most Of August!

Colors aren't the only ways to help you connect with a month and tap into its spiritual essence. From unique gemstones to beautiful birth flowers, the month of August has a lot in store for you. You can be sure to harness this month's rejuvenating energy and bring its warmth into your life through other August-related themes. 

Birthstones Of August

Peridot is widely regarded as August's primary birthstone. It is believed to be a symbol of strength, giving you the courage to fight through all hardships that come your way. Often called the 'evening emerald,' the peridot offers excellent healing power and protection, keeping you safe from evil.

Its powerful mystic energy and invigorating aura ensure that your life is full of happiness and lasting prosperity. This healing gemstone will guard you against all negativity allowing you to flourish and grow unhindered. Moreover, its bright green coloring will help you soothe your mind and body for a night of quality sleep and deep-rooted relaxation. 

The sardonyx is also commonly associated with August. It is truly a unique birthstone that showcases alternating bands of sard and onyx, giving it a stunning aesthetic appeal and a distinct charm. It is believed to symbolize courage, joy, and eloquence. If you're looking for a gemstone to supplement your journey to happiness, the sardonyx is the one for you!

Zodiac Signs Falling In August

Characterized by the mighty lion, Leo is the primary zodiac sign of August. Anyone born between the 23rd of July to the 22nd of August falls under this majestic fire sign. Leos are some of the passionate, generous, and confident people you'll meet. Fueled by their determination, they are natural leaders who will leave no stone unturned to achieve their dreams. 

Represented by the goddess of agriculture herself, Virgo is an earth sign that falls under August. Virgos comprises all individuals born between the 23rd of August and the 22nd of September. With their intelligence and pragmatic approach to life, Virgos have a deep-rooted connection to life and the joy of living. They revere every minute of their existence and make it their end goal to tap into life's ultimate essence, making them some of the best people to have in your life!

Birth Flowers Of August 

The gladiolus or the sword lily is the birth flower typically associated with August. It is a symbol of honor, remembrance, and strength. It is believed that the gladiolus represents a heart being pierced with love making it a perfect addition to your home garden to ensure that your life is full of sincerity and love.

The poppy flower is also commonly regarded as the birth flower of August. Throughout civilizations, the poppy has been used to represent peace, wealth, and success. It is widely held synonymous with lasting health, regeneration, and wellness. If you're someone who struggles with sleeping, poppy flowers could help you soothe yourself for a good night's rest.

August Wedding Colors 

Orange is probably one of the most on-trend colors you could reach out for during an August wedding. Coupled with darker hues such as purple or navy to offset the brightness of this cheerful color, you can create the perfect contrast for your wedding palette. Additionally, consider opting for warm tones such as yellow, peach, or even some brown, using vibrant flowers and decor to create a magnificent wedding setup.

August: The Dawn Of Autumn

As the Irish poet John Todhunter once said,

"Summer declines and roses have grown rare,

But cottage crofts are gay with hollyhocks,

And in old garden walks you breathe an air

Fragrant of pinks and August-smelling stocks."

August marks the transition of summer into the warm crisp of autumn. Try going on hikes or outdoor picnics with your loved ones to breathe fresh air and enjoy the weather while it lasts. When the temperatures drop, and the leaves start turning, take long walks along your neighborhood parks to appreciate nature's mystic beauty!

Bring Warmth To Your Life With These Autumn-Inspired August Colors

Whether through exclusive home decor, plush bedding, or even cost loungewear, invite the calm beauty of autumn into your life with warm-toned august colors. These hues will brighten your life and help you tap into this month's fiery spirit for a life full of growth and prosperity. By accepting these colors in your living space, you can be sure to attract their ethereal charm and create the perfect snug ambiance to welcome autumn.