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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Colors Of June: 2022 Edition

Color theory refers to the science and art of incorporating different colors in your life to trap their healing powers for an improved state of well-being. 

These mystic tools have been used for generations by humans to communicate with others and themselves for a greater sense of grounding and harmony.

Colors help you establish deep-rooted connections between you and your inner self. Further, they can also help you create lasting relationships between your external environment and your emotional state.

By harnessing the mystical charms of different colors in your life, you can be sure to introduce their frequencies and clean your spiritual energy for the ultimate sense of transcendence and relaxation. 

Embracing your spirituality and using colors to manifest your goals can often help you improve the quality of your life, leaving you rejuvenated. 

Consequently, we at Sunday Citizen have put together a brief guidebook on the Colors of the Month to help you harvest these healing energies throughout the year. 

In this edition, we will take you through the colors of June. We will show you how you can incorporate them into your daily routines to form soothing and reinvigorating rituals for the ultimate sense of comfort. 

Colors of June

We have nominated pearl and pale orange as the Colors of June. While these pastel shades will help you soothe your soul, their warmer undertones will set the pace for the dawn of warmer months, leaving you energized and ready to take on the world! These mystic elements can help you strike a chord with your deeper self for a month of prosperity and unfiltered happiness.

Why Are Pearl And Pale Orange Widely Revered As The Colors Of June?

Did you know that many scholars believe that the name ‘June’ comes from ‘Juno’, the Roman goddess of youth, love, and marriage? True to its name, the sixth month of the year marks the transition of spring into the warmth of summer.

With longer days and balmy temperatures, summer is one of the most sought-after seasons if you’re someone who likes to enjoy feeling the sun on your body. Channeling this warmth, we’ve nominated pearl and pale orange to be the colors that can best harvest the healing powers of June for a month full of comfort and rest.

As an element, pearls are one of the most desired gems in the world. It symbolizes wisdom and even offers protection to those wearing them. If you’re someone looking to tap into your chakra and balance your body’s karma, embodying the healing properties of pearls is one of the best ways to invite its calmness into your life for the ultimate sense of tranquility.

Further, this timeless shade is said to be a visual representation of innocence, peace, purity, and beauty, making it an increasingly popular choice at weddings. If you’re planning a summer wedding this June, consider incorporating some pearl elements into your ceremony for good luck and lasting marriage. Whether through pearl-based jewelry or even related colors, this shade can provide a profound sense of security in your life. 

Drawing inspiration from its formation, the pearl is often considered a symbol of new beginnings and resilience. Just as spring begins its gradual transition into more summery months, pearls symbolize the metamorphosis of something new and beautiful. So, if you ever feel like you’re in a rut or feeling bleak, reach out to these soothing colors for an eternal sense of hope and undeterred faith.

As the days get longer and the temperatures get warmer, you might crave elements to keep you cool and comfortable. That’s where our second color of the month, pale orange comes into the picture.

This highly dynamic shade is a mix of vibrant and cheery tones such as red and yellow, with white as its pacifying agent. It is one of the most versatile and unique shades out there that captures the energy of summer while keeping you feeling well-rested and relaxed.

By incorporating this beautiful shade into your routine, you can be sure to improve your mood and energy levels throughout the day. From keeping you feeling fresh and awake to soothing your tired soul, this color is ideal if you’re looking to rejuvenate your soul. By inviting lasting positivity, its dual-toned nature ensures that your productivity and emotional health are at their best.

If you’re looking to start afresh or simply trying to make the most of June, consider incorporating shades of pearl and pale orange in your living space for the ultimate sense of peace and healing. At the end of the day, these seemingly small steps will make a huge impact on your life, leaving you feeling better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

How Can I Introduce The Colors Of June At Home?

Investing in premium bedding, unique home and decor items or even snug loungewear can help you incorporate these colors and harness their healing frequencies in your life. The versatility of pearl and its cool aura make it one of the most popular shades for bedding and decor items. For instance, you can invest in the Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket to introduce shades of pearl into your bedroom for a night of blissful sleep and quality rest. 

While pearl makes a great base color for bedding, shades like pale orange are ideal for adding subtle pops of vibrant colors to your living space. Whether it’s our Sahara Tan Braided Pom Pom Lumbar Pillow or the Sahara Tan Snug Waffle Mini Pillow, you can find some of the most luxurious pale orange accessories on our website. Opting for these pillows will help you introduce some high-spirited and snug elements into your living space. 

Additionally, if you’re someone with a keen interest in wellness-based lifestyle products, we've got you covered. You can invest in our Butter Modal Sleep Shirt, or the Camel variant of the Cosset Relaxed Turtleneck. These picks are ideal to leave you feeling relaxed and rested on a quiet and lazy weekend. 

What Are Some Other June-Related Themes That You Can Incorporate?

1. Gemstones and Crystals

June is one of the few months with multiple gemstones associated with it. Be it pearls, alexandrite, or moonstone, you’re bound to find your perfect match with these lovely gems. Generally associated with purity, simplicity, passion, and fertility, you can invest in these unique crystals to capture the true essence of this month.

In fact, you might have realized that June is a month of celebrations, from graduations to birthdays. Whatever be the occasion, you can always surprise your loved ones with jewelry or artifacts with these gemstones to celebrate their special day.

 2. Birth Flowers

Did you know that roses and honeysuckles are the birth flowers associated with the month of June? As you’re well aware, roses are proclamations of love and admiration. But, did you also know that Romans considered roses to symbolize rebirth, making them apt for June when pleasant spring mornings slowly transition into warmer summer days.

 Honeysuckles, on the other hand, are believed to invite positive energy into your home and ward off any negativity. If you’ve been feeling down and need a pick-me-up, pick a bouquet of these cheerful flowers, or better yet, create your own honeysuckle patch in your home garden to keep your spirits high!

 3. Wedding Colors

If you’re having a summer wedding, you have a wide range of colors that you can play with. You can incorporate a warmer palette with shades of yellow, orange, or cream, or even go the other route and settle with cool-toned hues like pastels, blues, or pinks. If you’re looking to tap into June’s spiritual mysticism, consider opting for shades of pearl or pastel colors to harness the best energy and aesthetics.

 4. Zodiac Signs

Gemini and Cancer are the two zodiac signs falling under the month of June. If you’re born under these signs or know someone with June zodiac signs, you’re in for a treat. While Gemini is the most predominant June zodiac, Cancer is not far behind. Geminis are some of the most extroverted and clever individuals, while Cancers are emotionally engaged and devoted to their loved ones.

 5. Balmy Weather

As the mercury starts rising, you’ll see that June is a month of sunshine and lots of happiness. It is one of the best months for outdoor events such as weddings, family camping trips or even lakeside picnics with your loved ones. If you’re someone who loves to feel the sun hit your skin, you’re sure to love June!

Embody June Colors To Leave You Warm And Refreshed!

The colors of June are symbolic of the true essence of this month, representing a fresh start. With the ascent of warmer months, you’ll often find yourself reaching out to these light-toned shades to keep you cool and collected.

If you’re someone looking to channel the healing energies of these colors and make the most of their mystic charm, be sure to incorporate the colors of June for a sense of lasting peace, joy, and deep-rooted relaxation. Here’s to new beginnings!