Bring Joy And Radiant Energy To Your Life With The Warmth Of July Colors: 2022 Edition

Bring Joy And Radiant Energy To Your Life With The Warmth Of July Colors: 2022 Edition

Named after the great Roman general Julius Caesar, the month of July falls in the second half of the year. It’s a month full of warmth and zeal, marked with jubilant holidays such as the Fourth of July, celebrating the United States' independence.


Like the month itself the colors of July represent vitality and radiance. Incorporating the vibrant spirit of these colors will bring joy and vivacity to your life, helping you to understand and capture the unrelenting essence of this month.


Why Are Coral And Yellow Considered to be July Colors?

Coral is one of the most unique shades in the color wheel; a mix of vibrant pink and orange, this hue captures the jubilant energy of July to a tee. Coral symbolizes warmth, acceptance, individuality, and positivity. Akin to this month’s essence, it represents an upbeat spirit, to bring light to your life and guide you down the right path. 


Yellow, in turn, is a color of warmth, happiness, and optimism. As one of the color wheel's brightest and most soothing colors, with its vivid tones and royal hues, yellow has historically been considered the color of the gods. If you're looking to spruce up your living space and introduce a welcoming sense of comfort, yellow is the way to go. Its radiance and festive nature will lift your spirits and bring peaceful comfort and rejuvenation. 


How To Harness The Soothing Power Of July Colors

One of the best ways to incorporate the energizing vibrancy of the colors of July is by making them a part of your everyday routine and living space. Whether it's donning a pair of yellow socks or some coral jewelry, or incorporating toned decor and lifestyle products into your home, you can harness these colors’ healing frequencies for added joy and extra happiness. 


If you’re looking for exciting, effective, dynamic and sustainable ways to create the perfect ambiance in your home, consider investing in a bold piece, such as Sunday Citizen’s Rainbow Throw or Burano Lumbar Pillow, to add a pop of color to your living space. With a snug feel and plush appearance, these colorful pieces of bedding and decor will not only allow you to harness the energies of these colors, but will also make a statement. Switching up your decor can help accentuate and add sophisticated style and comfort to your space. 


Want to tap into July’s robust beauty and bring vivacious life to your home through scent? Opt for unique citrus and floral scents and perfumes, with vibrant green notes. A great way to do this is to use Diffusers, essential oils, or fresh flowers. 


Embracing the Colors and Themes of July

Harnessing the unique frequencies and healing energy of colors is a great way to get in touch with your Chakras, to achieve deep-rooted relaxation and an ultimate sense of tranquility. But, maybe you’re looking for some more ways to tap into the essence of this joyous month? 


Here are some of the most fascinating July-related subjects that you can learn more about, to make the most of these 31 days! 


July Gemstones And Crystals

July is full of abundance and celebrations. This month actually has two birthstones, allowing you to opt for either one to tap into its spirit.


Ruby is widely regarded as July’s modern birthstone; this stone is closely linked to good fortune, long lasting health, and wisdom. It is also said that ruby has healing powers and can protect you from harm or illness. It’s a stone of romance, love, and passion, making it a lover's favorite, so, if you’re looking to start a new romantic chapter in your life, choose this luckystone and let it do its magic!


Onyx (the black gemstone) is July’s traditional birthstone. With unique patterns and high visual appeal, this stone represents strength, individuality, boldness, self-confidence, and balance. It offers excellent cleansing properties and is believed to eliminate negative energy from your body and soul (perfect for after a long day at work!). 


Onyx is a great stone to have in your living space, especially your bedroom, due to the immense sense of peace and relaxation it brings to your mind; this is conducive to a good night's rest. 


July Birth Flowers

Spending time outside in July is a great opportunity to make the most of nature's breathtaking beauty. With summer in full swing, you'll (hopefully!) see flowers blooming and thriving in your garden. Larkspur and Water Lilies, in particular, are considered to be the official flowers of July. 


Larkspur, commonly known as Delphinium, is a protective plant that will supposedly keep your home safe from pests, snakes, and scorpions. It is believed to ward off troublesome spirits and black magic, blocking negativity from your life. Delphinium flowers symbolize optimism, romance, passion, and honor, making them the perfect pick for July. 


Water Lilies are one of the most renowned and sacred flowers, significant in multiple religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism. These flowers represent renewal & rebirth, and mark the ultimate enlightenment of a person. 


July Wedding Colors - Summer Wedding Colors

There’s nothing more fun and festive than a summer wedding! Weddings mark the pure union of two souls, and are one of the most beautiful and romantic times in any person's life. So, if you’re a fan of summer weddings and in search of some inspiration, you're in the right place.


Bright colors and pastels are some of the most popular options for mid-summer weddings. Not only will these colors keep you feeling breezy, happy and relaxed throughout the ceremony, but they also perfectly complement the essence of the season. Fancy a gorgeous pop of color to enhance your special day? Try introducing a complementary shade of blue or violet into your wedding palette. 


July’s Zodiac Signs

Cancer and Leo are the two zodiac signs that fall within the month of July. Born between June 21st and July 22nd, Cancerians are some of the most kind, loving, and emotionally sensitive people you'll come across, with passionate, loyal, and highly vibrant personalities.


Leos, on the other hand, have birth dates between July 23rd and August 22nd. Leos are determined, highly driven, and strong-willed people with a high level of passion. If you're lucky enough to have a Leo in your life, you can rest assured that their kindness and loyalty will bring lots of joy and fun. 


Make The Most Of Vibrant July Colors For The Ultimate Sense Of Happiness

With its unique birthstones and vivid colors, July is a month full of surprises and happiness. If you, too, are interested in tapping into this month's upbeat vibe and spirit, be sure to incorporate the colors of July into your daily life for a burst of positivity, passion, and energy.