5 Ways Your Bedding Can Help Create A Beautiful Home

5 Ways Your Bedding Can Help Create A Beautiful Home

Bedding! One of the most important and intimate parts of your living space. Finding the perfect bedding is essential for the ultimate rest and rejuvenation that your body deserves. Along with helping you achieve a quality lie-in, it’s also a crucial component of your home.

Bedding creates a safe and cozy space for yourself; based on your taste and design preferences. It can uplift the quality of your home and allow you to include a little bit of your personality in the space. 

Not only do they contribute to your overall wellness, but bedding can also reinforce the design elements around your house. It gives you an ideal chance to express yourself creatively and comfort you on those cold and bleak days. 

You can always depend on bright snugs like Snug Throw, to brighten your day and cool-toned weighted blankets to let you unwind for the night.

Sunday Citizen presents 5 ways your bedding can help you create a cozy space and how you can decide on what pieces to invest in! This guide is a compilation of key points from articles written by experienced and well-seasoned interior experts. It talks about how bedding can help you add more definition and structure to your living spaces.


1.- Pillows For That Pop Of Color and Structure


Neutral bedding with pop of color pillow pairing. Tan and orange and red bedding decor. Tan comforter. Colorful pillow pairing.


Pillows are not just your source of comfort and snuggles but can also help you add more definition to your living space. The Versailles Throw Pillow or other brightly colored ones can elevate a room and give it its personality.. You might find that adding more pillows will create a cozy corner while adding funky or even soothing tones to it. It will help you energize yourself and seek solace in every corner of your home.


Apart from only giving a pop of color, decorative pillows are excellent if you wish to add more structure and definition to a space. If you need to make a room more comforting and inviting, adding circular pillows can be beneficial. You can even add plush throws if you need to off-center a very linear or quite literally ‘edgy’ room. The round surfaces of pillows can help you smoothen the overall look of the room.

Using pillows is also an excellent method to introduce and play around with different textures. You can use pillows made from various fabrics to enhance a room. Textiles and colors are focal elements in any space. You can always reach out to them to express yourself! The Braided Pom Pom Lumbar pillow allows you to introduce textures in a space without compromising on your comfort. 

If you’re looking for serenity and soothing, cool-toned linen pillows are ideal. Further, to make the space more quirky and unique, you can opt for bold throw pillows. Plush, textured Snug Euro shams allow you to elevate the space tenfold. 

Not only this, their affordability and easy storage options make them the best way for you to switch out your home decor easily. You will see that you can even change the bedding and decor every season, making it cozy and ready for all times of the year!


2.- Light Toned Bedding To Create Sense Of Space and Harmony


Neutral and cozy bed. White and tan bedding and pillows. White and beige bedding and pillows. Neutral cozy bed inspo. Neutral soft bedding.


Colors are crucial when it comes to soothing and bringing comfort. Using light-toned colors is optimal if you want to make your room cozy. You will see that using warm hues towards the lighter color palette can make your space look much larger by helping you open up the space. It is perfect if you have a smaller room and want to open it up without adding too many elements. 

Lightweight fabrics in warmer colors are ideal to create a sense of calm and harmony. Not only do they help you establish your space, but they also help you soothe yourself on those overwhelming days! Using light-colored fabrics can make your room look crisp and neat. It gives the illusion of a tidy and open space, all the while making it look moody and covert. Adding warm Snug Waffle Comforters or pillows to snuggle into will let you layer your bedding without making it seem too cluttered. 


3.- Layering Linens and Pillows To Introduce Patterns and Textures!


Grey comforter. Grey bedding and pillows. Fun neutral patterned pillows. Grey modern bedroom inspo.


One of the best ways to start layering is by nailing down your solids. While introducing fabrics and textures over one another, you always need to be careful to not overdo it! It will create a larger sense of chaos as opposed to adding dimension to a space. 

Another way to layer bedding without making it a mess is by learning how to fold them and choosing what to reveal. If you’re layering the Snug Bed Blanket over a weighted blanket, try to display one area of each element to avoid overcrowding!

Make sure your duvets or quilts are crisp and clean. Throwing un-done bedding over one another makes it seem as though there’s no method to the madness.


4.- Comforters For Added Snuggles On Cozy Afternoons


White comforter with neutral pillows. White comforter on chic bed. Black-grey accent wall. Dark accent wall behind bed.


Investing in comforters for those colder months is ideal, but what’s wise is investing in the right comforter! Opting for a comforter that meets your needs and elevates your room is perfect. Comforters, quilts, and duvets are some of the optimal ways to add patterns and colors to your space.

Using the Snug Basketweave Comforter and picking the right shade to fit over the color scheme of space will let you add texture to it without making it too jarring! The best part is that these elements need not be restricted to your bedroom only. You can incorporate them in different parts of your home to make it more snuggly and warm!

Adding throw blankets and patterned quilts over your couch or along with a chair in your reading nook will make it cozier. You no longer have to switch rooms or move out of the comfortable position you found yourself before going down for a quick midday snooze! You can rely on your blankets and throw pillows while you refresh yourself.  


5.- Contrasting Elements For Elevated Design And Empowerment


Black, White, and Tan bedding. Mixed neutral color bedroom. Boho bedroom inspo. Boho decor pillows


Introducing bold colors and statement patterns is a fantastic way to personalize your space! Doing this allows you to have fun and express yourself through your home’s bedding and decor! Bright pops of color can energize a space; using muted, cool-toned hues could make it more mellow! 

A standard rule of thumb to follow is to match at least two elements in color and fabric. It makes the entire setup look more organized and less of a mistake. It will also give you a better foothold to layer and incorporate other elements. 

Plush and patterned Tetouan Throw Pillows are the way to go for those bold elements and snuggle in your room! They can help you make a statement or add to the overall coziness and warmth of the space! All of these will allow you to soothe and rejuvenate yourself after a hectic day at work!

Finding The Best Bedding To Help You Create A Safe Space


Woman cozied up to snuggly blanket. Woman snuggling cozy blanket. Woman hugging cozy blanket. Woman sitting in bed with cozy blanket. Woman smiling with comfiest blanket.


Depending on your needs, you can customize the space and optimize it to your interests. You can browse for styles and aesthetics that you’d like to incorporate in your home.

Experiment with different textiles like flat-weaves or thick liners. It will help you understand what you and the space need depending on your interests and the weather. Adding fresh plants and flowers along with some throws can elevate your living space. 

A focal point to strive for is symmetry. Try to create a space that is symmetrical and balanced. It will allow you to ensure that all elements in the room are in harmony. By investing in the right pieces and playing around with them, it can make it seem as if your home was curated by the best designers out there!