Here's Everything You Need To Know About Replacing Your Bedding

Here's Everything You Need To Know About Replacing Your Bedding

Every day you spend hours and hours wrapped up in your sheets, tucked in between your pillows, frolicking in your dreams. But what's something that also happens while enjoying quality sleep? When we spend a substantial time cozied up in bed, our bedding often becomes a host for bacteria, germs, and dirt. If we allow these things to build up, this can pave the way for allergies and other severe infections. 


So, how can you protect yourself and your loved ones? The answer's quite simple! Replace your bedding when needed, and ensure that you are cleaning your sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and throws thoroughly and regularly, to eliminate any unwanted buildup. 


Here at Sunday Citizen, we understand the value of a good night's rest and its impact on your health. Consequently, we've created this brief guide to help you better understand when and how often you must replace your bedding, for optimal health. 


How To Spot Worn Out Bedding

No two pieces of bedding are the same when it comes to style and functionality… but even more critically, no two are the same when it comes to longevity. You'll notice that different bedding articles require replacements on a more or less regular basis, depending on various factors (including usage). While there's no hard and fast rule telling you how long your bedding should last, we've compiled a list of signs you should look out for when considering replacement.

  • Duvets or Comforters


We spend lots of time cuddled in our comforters; consequently, they tend to absorb sweat, oil, and dirt, attracting germs. Hence, along with regular washing, it is advisable to switch out your old comforters and duvets from time to time to ensure good hygiene. If your duvet or comforter feels lumpy and has lost its ability to retain heat, this is a sign that you need to invest in new bedding.


It is generally recommended that duvets and comforters be switched out every 3-4 years, and washed as frequently as every fortnight. Although this may sound like a lot, maintaining your bedding is worth the investment, to avoid compromising the quality of your sleep. 

  • Bed Sheets or Pillowcases


When it comes to sheets and pillow cases, these must be changed regularly. Since we lay directly on our sheets, and rest our heads on our pillowcases, large amounts of oil, sweat, dirt, and bacteria tend to accumulate between the fibers. To reduce the risk of infection, it is advisable to wash your flat sheets and pillowcases every week. 


As a consequence of this regular cleaning, the chances are that these items will experience wear and tear rather quickly. Thus, as a standardized norm, it is suggested to replace your bed sheets and pillowcases every 1-2 years, depending on usage and their performance. 


If your sheets feel scratchy or your pillowcases leave you itchy and restless, it's time to make the switch!

  • Pillows or Shams


When it comes to pillows and shams, functionality takes precedence over looks and style. If you feel like your pillow has lost its plush feel and isn't supporting your head and neck properly, it is high time to consider a replacement. 


Many of us neglect pillow health, focusing our attention on protective covers instead. This is a mistake! Although protective pillow cases undoubtedly help to increase the longevity of pillows and cushions, they are not the only factor. Pillows have the potential to accumulate dust and germs over time, and even attract dust mites, compromising the integrity of your bedding and putting your health at risk. 


It is therefore recommended to replace your pillows every 2-3 years, in order to maintain comfort and prevent medical complications. 


Watch Out For These Tell-Tale Signs 

Are you struggling to decide whether your bedding simply needs a wash, or whether it's time to part ways? Do you lose sleep trying to make the right decision? Well, fret no more! Here are three tricks to help you assess the quality of your bedding, and see if it's time for a change.

  • Has your bedding led to a decrease in your quality of sleep?


Are you spending restless nights on your bed, tossing and turning because the pillows are too flat or your duvet feels scratchy? If the answer is yes, you need to replace your bedding. The quality of the bedding you choose to invest in can significantly impact your sleep.


While soft and plush bedding can soothe and comfort you after a long day at work, in contrast, worn-out bedding can worsen your mood and lower your energy levels. Pay attention to how your bedding makes you feel, primarily throughout the night, to decide if you need to replace it and switch it out for something more luxe.

  • How does your bedding respond to being washed?


Are your comforters getting lumpy after a single spin? Do your bed sheets have frayed ends, and do they take too long to dry? If your bedding isn't performing well after a trip to the laundromat (or a rinse in your washing machine), the chances are that the fabric’s fibers are worn out. This can cause wrinkling and scratchiness. 


If this is the case, consider replacing your bedding as soon as possible. For a durable and economically sustainable option, opt for bedding made with natural fibers that will last a long time (and are great for the planet!), such as our 100% viscose from bamboo Premium Bamboo Sheet Set.



  • Does your bedding look drab or worn out?


As well as promoting better sleep, your bedding should also trigger feelings of relaxation and soothing, for a sense of peace and harmony. If your sheets are faded and torn, or your shams are frayed, you probably won't be as inclined to spend time in your bedroom, and may experience negative feelings.


On the flip side, plush pillows, fluffy comforters, and aesthetically appealing sheets will relax you, make you more inclined to spend time in your bedroom, possibly lead to a better nighttime ritual, and may even lead to better sleep hygiene! Hence, it is recommended to invest in bedding that is both functional and visually welcoming, for a night of restful sleep. 


Here's How You Can Make Your Bedding Last Longer

By opting for premium and luxury bedding options, you are making an investment in quality sleep. Superior quality bedding will last much longer, making this much more economical in the long run. If you're looking for some tricks and tips to help you improve the durability of your bedding, you've come to the right place. 

  • Invest in high-quality bedding options with a high thread count


Thread count plays a significant role in determining the quality of bedding. Sheets or pillow cases with a higher thread count tend to provide a softer and more luxe feel. 


However, don’t treat this number as the “be all and end all”! Although thread count is important, it’s also essential to pay attention to the material and type of fibers used in your bedding’s fabric. Bedding made with 100% natural fabrics is plush to the touch and highly durable & sustainable, even if it has a lower thread count.

  • Wash your bedding carefully for regular upkeep and maintenance


If you like to wash your bedding at home, be sure to follow the instructions prescribed on the labels for optimal cleaning. If you wish to be extra careful, it is suggested to wash your bedding with warm water and let the fabric air dry in a shady spot to prevent any potential damage that may be caused during the washing process. 


Furthermore, avoid using bleach or harsh detergents; these potent chemicals can wear out cloth's fibers quickly and make your bedding prone to wear and tear. 

  • Use protective layers such as duvet covers or removable pillowcases


If you have kids in the house or are pet parents, consider investing in protective covers to shield your bedding from any external damage. You can opt for removable duvet covers such as our Premium Bamboo Duvet Cover, or pillowcases such as this Washable-Silk Pillowcase Set


Such covers are also great ways of sprucing up your bedroom on a regular or seasonal basis, or introducing new elements of style into your space. These covers come in various sizes, colors, and patterns to help you elevate your living spaces and make them more inviting (especially when you come home after a long day at work!).


Invest In Premium Quality Bedding For The Ultimate Sense of Comfort

Nothing beats the feel of high-quality fabrics on your skin during a quick nap or throughout the night when you’re looking for a long, restful sleep. With Sunday Citizen, you can invest in the comfort of luxurious feeling bedding. 

Rest assured that all your woes will be taken care of when you wake up fresh and rejuvenated, ready to take on the world! So, what are you waiting for? Browse our best sellers now!