Bed Sytles: European Style Bed Making vs. Scandinavian Style Bed Making on this image we have a pink duvet on a bed with pink and white pillows.

Bed Styles: European versus Scandinavian

Knowing how to make a bed is an art. Unfamiliar with all the bed styles you can use to your advantage to amp up the interior of a room? Don’t worry, we got you. Here’s a step-by-step guide that can help you nail down this effective housekeeping strategy through a range of bed styles. 

European Style Bed Making

Are you tired of managing the multitude of bedding items on your bed? It’s time you experiment with the traditional European-style bedding. It will save you time in your morning bed-making routine, save laundry time, and allow you to adapt to changing seasons with mere duvet cover add-ons.

Sounds like a complete win, doesn’t it? Well, it’s time to execute it perfectly with this step-by-step guide.

What You Need for a European Style Bed:

Top: Duvet cover

Bottom: Fitted Sheet

How To Make a Bed European Style:

1. Place a deep-pocketed fitted sheet onto your mattress. Tuck the excess fabric underneath the mattress securely.

2. Spread the duvet cover with an insert over the fitted sheet and ensure the side with the button closure lies at the foot of the bed.

3. Now fold the duvet cover backward toward the foot end of the bed. Remember, the top of the fold should line up with the final layers of pillows. This means, how far you fold the cover back depends on how many layers of pillows you use.

4. Place your sleeping pillows adjacent to the headboard and cover them up with 2 euro shams if you have a Full/Queen bed and 3 euro shams if you have a King/California King bed. Wrap it up by propping two more shams in front of the euro shams. Use the standard size for the former and the king size for the latter.

5. Complete your Euro-style inspired bed-making with an oversized throw to add comfort and style to the equation. You can also place a lumbar sham in front of the standard and king-size shams smack in the middle of the bed to give it a more luxurious and elegant feel.


Scandinavian Style Bed Making

Let’s face it. Weather changes sometimes trigger the “hogger” in us. So, if you, like us, have trouble keeping your hands off of your partner's duvets during the extra cold nights, try styling your bed the Scandinavian style. That may help put a stop to your nightly duvet-hogging tendencies.

It will also help you personalize your sleeping experience by opting for a duvet that’s more up to your preferences rather than compromising with the duvet requirements of your partner. Got you curious? Use this step-by-step guide to take you through the styling process.

What You Need for a Scandinavian Style Bed:

Top: Two duvets.

Bottom: One fitted sheet.

How to Make a Bed Scandinavian Style:

1. Start making your bed with a bottom fitted sheet instead. Eliminate the use of a flat sheet to avoid any chances of getting tangled in it.

2. Lay one duvet each on one side of the bed. Now, start by making one side of the bed. Lay down the duvet and the duvet cover on the bottom and wrap it up with a quilt on top. Once you’ve successfully made one side of the bed, proceed to the next.

3. The duvets on either side of the bed will overlap in the middle. This ensures that the whole bed is covered thoroughly. Remember, match your duvet covers to avoid messing up the styling arrangement.

4. Alternatively, you can also let the ends hang by the sides if you're worried that this arrangement will take the neatness away from your bedding style. Just place the duvet over the entire bed and let it hang from one side of the bed and repeat the process with the other duvet. Just alternate the sides where the duvet will hang.

5. Add your choice of finishing touches to wrap up the process. Think throw pillows and blankets.

And there you have it—two types of bed making that eliminate the need for a flat sheet. This may be a far leap for the traditionalist in you, but removing the middleman, aka the flat sheet, has a plethora of benefits. For example, it eliminates the chances of putting in extra work for laundry and does away with the discomfort of sleeping on a crumpled or twisted bedding layer.


So what style are you most tempted to try? Will you opt for convenience with the European style bed-making or take your pick of a duvet? Let us know.

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