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How Often Should You Replace Your Sheets?

There’s nothing better than lying on your bed after a long day at work and finally getting the shut-eye you deserve. Simply the thought of going back to sleep, cozying up in those warm and silky sheets, is one of the purest forms of self-care that you can seek out. You can even grab yourself a cup of hot chocolate and work on your journal in bed while you’re at it. After all, your bed is the most personal and comfortable spot in your home. 

Along with your bed, comes your bedding. Your sheets, too, can be the ultimate source of joy and soothing. But these plush warriors, too, need some TLC to get them going. In this article, we’re going to talk to you about how you can maintain your sheets and how often you need to switch them out for a night of deep-rooted relaxation and quality sleep. 

It’s Probably Time For You To Change Your Sheets!

If you’ve started seeing some discoloration, wear and tear or even some fraying, it’s time to replace your sheets. You must understand that unlike most other pieces of bedding, sheets don’t last as long since you’re tossing in them every day. This direct physical contact can result in sweat, oil, germs, and dirt building up over time, making them more prone to damage and warranting quicker replacements. 

How To Choose The Best Sheets For Quality Sleep?

One of the wisest and most-sustainable ways to reduce the frequency of throwing out your sheets is by investing in premium and luxe bedding. You can opt to shop online from luxury bedding brands such as Sunday Citizen, or go into an outlet and try the sheets out to get a better understanding of the fabric, colors, and size before making the purchase. 

Regardless of how you shop, you must make the right pick to get your money’s worth from the sheets. To help you with this, we’ve compiled a list of the three most important factors to consider before making the right choice. 


  • Don’t Rely On A High Thread Count


Thread count is often considered one of the topmost parameters in judging softness and overall quality. However, this number can be easily manipulated, often implying that a higher thread count doesn’t necessarily mean a high-quality sheet. Although the number can be high, it doesn’t guarantee a superior product, especially since most manufacturers use synthetic additives to soften the sheets during production.

In these cases, you should account for the material of the fabric as opposed to relying on the thread count entirely. Ensure that the material you’ve chosen is durable, breathable, and comfortable to help you sleep better and rest peacefully through the night. Ideally, opt for sheets made with softer fabrics such as cotton or even bamboo, like in our Premium Bamboo Sheet Set, to enjoy your downtime. 


  • Read Up On The Fiber Content


Choosing sheets made with natural fibers such as 100% cotton, bamboo, hemp, and so on is ideal if you’re looking to invest in soft, plush-feeling sheets that would last long. Since these fibers are tougher, the sheets are more durable and can do heavy lifting, especially if you've got kids or pets around. Additionally, these materials are highly breathable and soft to the touch, making them ideal bedding options. 


  • Opt For The Most Suitable Material


Since natural fabrics can be rather pricey, if you’re looking for more budget-friendly bedding, consider sheets made of polyester blends. These fabrics are synthetic mixes of materials such as cotton, hemp, or bamboo with polyester, making them more affordable and highly durable. The polyester in these sheets prevents wrinkling giving your room a clean and chic look even after a night of blissful sleep. 

Here’s How You Can Make Your Sheets Last Longer

Diligent aftercare and regular maintenance can help you extend the longevity of your bedding, making it more economical and sustainable. If you’re someone who often struggles with looking after your sheets, here are a few tips and tricks to help make the process a little easier for you.


  • Wash Them Regularly


As we’ve already mentioned, lying in your sheets every day can result in germs, sweat, oil, and dirt accumulating on the surface and getting trapped between the fibers. It makes them more prone to wear and tear, and is unhygienic, putting your health at risk if not looked into at the earliest. To prevent being in such situations, wash your sheets regularly to cleanse them of any buildup. 

Regular washing can help make the sheets more durable by ensuring that they’re neat and clean for use. Ideally, try to wash your sheets with lesser laundry detergent to prevent the fibers from giving away. Warm rinses and cold soaks can help you eliminate the stains while also disinfecting them for more sustainable options in the long run. 


  • Follow The Instructions Prescribed


You must pay heed to the after-care instructions mentioned behind your sheets. Whether using cold water only or not using bleach while washing, these directions must be followed to preserve your sheets. Being callous can result in the material wearing down quickly, flushing all your resources down the drain, and making the investment futile.


  • Use Protective Covers


Opting to invest in additional layers to cover your sheets is ideal if you’re looking to protect them from extensive physical damage. If you’re someone with toddlers or pets running around the house, you might want to consider doing this. You’ll find that you can opt for several options in these protective covers. You can browse through the options and find the best fit to work into your style and aesthetic. 


  • Invest In A Backstock 


Suppose your mother-in-law just called telling you that she’s ten minutes away from your home, giving you the surprise of a lifetime instead of wishing you a simple ‘Happy Birthday’, having replacement options ready is perfect for those last-minute bedding switches. If you want your room to look elegant and put together, especially on short notice, replacing your sheets is the way to go. 

In these cases, it becomes vital that you invest in a backstock, nothing fancy, keep an extra sheet set at hand that you can use while your current one is at the laundromat. However, if you’re someone who likes to have their options open, consider opting for the Premium Bamboo Flat Sheet that comes in a bunch of different colors and sizes for a quick change. 

Importance Of High-Quality Sheets For The Best Rest

Sleep is one of the most important activities your brain and body require for optimal functioning. However, if your sleep is disturbed by itchy sheets or lumpy pillows, you’re not going to wake up very happy the next day. Along with your mood and energy levels, poor sleep can decrease your productivity, making it nearly impossible for you to carry out your daily tasks. 

Thus, you should invest in premium bedding to ensure a restful downtime. Getting a night's worth of sleep will elevate your mood and boost productivity for a day well spent. Whether it’s at work making those big bucks, or a day at home, you need a peaceful time in bed to put your best foot forward. 

In such cases, luxury bedding from Sunday Citizen becomes your best friend. With high-quality bedding and soothing lifestyle products, we’ve got you covered! If you want to spruce up your bedroom, you can always trust the Premium Bamboo Pillowcase Set to get the job done. 

What’s The Right Way To Clean Your Sheets?

Although many people wash their sheets regularly, they fail to clean them properly, making the entire process redundant. While laundering your sheets, you must disinfect them before throwing them in the washer to prevent cross-contamination. 

You can soak them in some antibacterial detergent before the rinse for a few minutes. Although you can get rid of germs easily and quickly with bleach, some sheets do not react well since it is very potent, resulting in the fibers wearing down quickly. 

Additionally, wash your sheets in warm or lukewarm cycles to prevent any temperature-induced damage. Gentle rinse cycles with fewer spins and tumbles, will ensure that your sheets come out the same way, except cleaner and brighter. 

If your sheets are stained, you can always treat the spots individually to make it easier to eliminate them in the wash. One of the most effective tricks is soaking your sheet in the wash water. Then, directly pour the soap or detergent over the spot and let it sit overnight. To prevent your material from degrading, you can opt for dish soap or hand soap over harsh detergents to loosen the stain and protect your sheets.

How Can You Keep Your Sheets Clean Between Washes?

Cleaning your sheets at least once every two weeks is the standard norm. But what do you do to keep your sheets looking crisp and clean in between washes? The answer’s quite simple, disinfecting fabric sprays are perfect for the mid-wash top-up that your sheets might require. 

Go ham with your favorite scented fabric spray and mist them lightly over your sheets without leaving them wet. Then, let your bedding air out for a few minutes or throughout the day, and your bed is ready for use. All fluffy and lovely-smelling, you will be sure to spend a few extra minutes on your sheets the next day!

When Should You Replace Your Sheets?

Now that we’ve discussed how you can invest in and look out for your sheets, it is time to consider when you should throw them out. One of the standard protocols is to replace your sheets every 2 years if you’re using them in rotation with other bedding sets. Additionally, there are several other factors that you can resort to help you know when the right time is.

If your sheets aren’t performing that well after washes, that is, if they’re wrinkled up or showing obvious signs of distress such as tears or fraying ends, it’s time to say goodbye. If you continue using your sheets after the point of breakdown, you’ll end up compromising on the quality of your sleep since worn-out sheets can be itchy, harsh, and just unpleasant to sleep on.

Moreover, if your sheets are heavily stained or have holes in them, you cannot salvage them anymore. You have to move on and buy new bedding to ensure that you can rest well through the night without having to worry about ruining your clothes or your sleep. 

Invest In Luxe Sheets And Enjoy Your Slumber!

Bedding can make one hell of a difference when it comes to the quality of your sleep. Investing in snug and cozy bedding can encourage you to come to bed and allow you to stay asleep for longer, improving the overall quality of your rest and making your downtime more effective. If you’ve noticed that you’re probably not feeling as refreshed in the mornings, it’s probably time to replace your bedding. At Sunday Citizen, we offer several luxe bedding options that you can splurge on for a good night’s rest with no interruptions!

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