Softest Gifts for Holiday Season Hand with a Throw

The 5 Softest Gifts You Can Give To Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

Deck the halls with cozy, comforting, snug, dreamily soft… sorry, where were we? It’s official – the holidays are coming! And whether this news fills you with giddy, child-like glee or slight dread when you think about the upcoming marathon of family time (we won’t tell), there’s no denying that the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner. 


Whether you’re going to be spinning the dreidel on Hannukah, sneaking a kiss under the mistletoe on Christmas, lighting fireworks on Diwali or celebrating any other winter festival for that matter, one thing rings true for all - it’s time to start thinking about gifts (Covid shipping delays are no joke, people!). And if you’re struggling for festive season inspo, never fear; Sunday Citizen is here to save the day.


After another challenging year, filled with ups and downs, what better way to show your love and appreciation for the most special people in your life than finding each one the perfect holiday gift? We hereby present to you our Trending Holiday Gift Guide 2021, filled with the coziest, softest, most thoughtful, stylish gifts that are guaranteed to spread joy and score some major brownie points with your nearest and dearest.



1.- Gift for Mom and Dad - Bamboo Bedsheets & Bath Towels


Bamboo Bed Sheets


It’s the same story year after year; Mom and Dad assure you they truly don’t need gifts, your mere presence over the holiday season is enough… you know the drill. But just try it and see how that works out!


Here at Sunday Citizen, we’ve found that the key to parental gifts is to keep things practical yet luxurious, focusing on high quality. Go simple, nothing too “out there”, but with just enough of a modern twist to give a fun upgrade to their existing home items…


… which brings us to our first recommendation - our Premium Bamboo bedsheets! These tick all of the boxes. Buttery soft, breathable, moisture-absorbing, hypoallergenic and sustainably made, the Sunday Citizen premium bamboo range features various sizes of flat and fitted sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers in a variety of beautiful, neutral shades, guaranteed to please both Mom and Pops. 


These are a serious upgrade to those dated sheets your parents probably haven’t replaced for years, and what better gift to give than a good night’s sleep!? Especially with Dad’s evolving, mild (ahem) snoring habits. 


Plush Towel Set

Another parental favorite is our 100% cotton plush towel set, featuring 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand towels and 2 Wash Cloths in a variety of clean, soothing colors. Originally created for 5-star hotels, these beautifully designed, oversized towels will make your home bathroom feel like a luxurious spa. Warning: once you feel how incredibly soft these are, we can’t guarantee you won’t want a set for yourself!


2.- Gift for The Fashionista - Throw & Matching Pillow

Sunday Citizen's Throws


We’ve all got that person in our lives – you know the one. The interior-design fanatic whose house looks like a carbon copy of your Pinterest board, whose style and cool-factor is unmatched, and who makes gift buying just that little bit more intimidating.


Never fear; we’ve got just the thing! Choose from literally any of Sunday Citizen’s best-selling, ultra-snug throws for a seriously impressive, seriously soft, certified chic addition to that living room aesthetic, that is guaranteed to blow them away.


Take the artsy, swirl patterned Casablanca throw, with an incredible 11 earthy color palettes to choose from. Or how about our gorgeous XOXO throw with the cutest Xs and Os design in either rose, coal or cloud grey, set against an off-white background. Feeling wild? Go for our pared-back leopard print Savannah throw, or our stunning and joyful Cusco throw. Want something simpler? Behold, our classic, timeless Snug throw.


The point is, with the added benefits of being machine washable and hypoallergenic across the board, made with thermoregulating microfiber material, and double-knit and oversized for maximum cozy comfort, you truly can’t go wrong. 


Matching Pillow and Throw

If you’re feeling extra generous, how about adding a tonal or matching pillow into the mix to complete the set? Choose from our elegant, rectangular Lumbar pillows, stylish patterned Throw pillows, delightfully textured Snug Waffle pillows or our adorable Pom Pom pillows – a Sunday Citizen fave!


And there you have it; you’ve gained the reputation of a serially stylish gift-giver. You’re welcome!


3.- Gift for Our Work Colleagues - Crystal Powered Sleep Mask or Loungewear


Crystal Powered Sleep Mask


Are you forever struggling to come up with that perfect Secret Santa gift? One size fits all, budget friendly, but with enough of a personal touch to make the receiver feel like you put some real thought into it? Look no further!


The Sunday Citizen Crystal Powered Sleep Mask can go straight to the top of your list. Great for all ages and genders, this soft, antimicrobial eye mask helps to aid meditation and promote relaxation and deep sleep by creating an atmosphere of total pitch-black darkness. 


Not only that, but the lightweight elastic band that goes around the wearer’s forehead is filled with minute pieces of natural gemstones that radiate soothing energy, perfect for combatting those stressful office moments. Listen, you’re not strictly hinting at your boss’ questionable management techniques with this gift, but if conclusions are drawn, so be it.


Office holiday traditions aside, there’s another kind of colleague who cannot go unmentioned: your work wife! To show your appreciation for that special person who carries you through the work week and, at the same time, knows far too much about your personal life, who has had your back through fraught deadlines, co-worker drama, hungover “sick days” and more, finding the right gift is a must.



What could be more appropriate than some cute and cozy Sunday Citizen loungewear!? As working from home continues to be a thing, our ethereally soft, effortlessly chic hoodies, pullovers, wraps and ponchos are the cherry on top of a perfect WFH outfit, and make a thoughtful, sweet, yet lowkey gift. Watch out for a fashion show on your next Zoom call!


4.- Gift for The Spiritual One - Meditation Pillow or Bolster Pillow


Meditation Pillow


So, your friend or family member found their spiritual side this year… on and off lockdowns can do that to a person! You’ve seen the Instagram yoga posts, heard about the plans for a meditation retreat, and experimented with their newest mindfulness techniques. Now the question is, what to gift them this holiday season?


Luckily for you, oh gift-giver, here at Sunday Citizen, we are all about wellness and selfcare! Simply slide on over to check out our exclusive Om edit. 


From soft and supportive meditation pillows, ensuring maximum comfort and body alignment, to bolster pillows designed to elevate your yoga practice by easing complex poses and deepening the benefits of restorative ones, we have got you well and truly covered.


Bolster Pillow

Both of our Om pillows are crystal-filled, with natural amethyst to calm the mind, relieve stress, and soothe negative emotions, along with clear quartz to help spread that positive energy. 


Practical features such as machine washable covers for when you break a sweat make either of these two items utterly fabulous gifts. Choose from off-white, sahara tan, cloud grey and purple haze to channel those good vibrations.


5.- Gifts for Everyone - The Weighted Blanket


Crystal Weighted Blanket


We’ve saved the best until last for our fifth and final Gift Guide recommendation. Of course, it had to be our much loved, bestselling Sunday Citizen Crystal Weighted Blanket.


Suitable for any and all of the special teens and adults in your life, including mamas to be (check out our “Benefits of Weighted Blankets during Pregnancy” blog post!), these impossibly cozy weighted throws are kind of a big deal.


Varying in color palette and heaviness, experts recommend that you choose a blanket that is approximately ten percent of your total body weight. When it comes to gift giving, if you’re undecided between two sizes, just size up!


Weighted Blankets provide a whole host of incredible benefits, including:

Anxiety and stress alleviation

Promotion of deeper, uninterrupted sleep

Insomnia relief

Inflammation reduction

Aiding symptoms of restless legs syndrome

Extra comfort and warmth

Deep touch pressure benefits


Exerting a constant, gentle feeling of pressure on your body to make you feel safe, comforted and relaxed, the Sunday Citizen take on the classic weighted blanket has an extra special bonus feature. Our throws are filled with thousands of pieces of Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst that harness natural, holistic healing energy to make you feel amazing.



That’s all from us, folks! From the entire team at Sunday Citizen, we wish you and all of your nearest and dearest a wonderful, restful, rejuvenating festive season with all of the joy and light. Here’s to a better, brighter year in 2022, filled with cozy Sunday snuggles galore!