The Ultimate Guide to Weighted Blankets. Weighted Blankets offer numerous advantages such as helping relieve anxiety. Weighted blankets are also great to cuddle on your sofa.

The Ultimate Guide to Weighted Blankets

Imagine spending the whole night without tossing, turning, and nightmares, feeling safe, snug, secure, and, best of all, in deep, restorative sleep. Weighted blankets help you sleep better, the gentle way. 

Some say we're obsessed with weighted blankets. And they may be right. But the truth is that we’ve put a lot of thought into them. 

In this guide, we'll dive deep into the fantastic world of weighted blankets (yes, really, fantastic). Now don't get bored of us. Weighted blankets are exciting and full of benefits for a better, more rested life. 


What are weighted blankets?


Weighted blankets are essentially (and literally) heavy blankets filled up with something to create this weight that is comforting and relaxing. This is typically plastic pellets or glass beads. The weight can also be achieved from the fabric itself, but this may limit the fabric's mobility. 

The added weight is used for therapeutic benefits. It helps our body feel safe, comforted, and relaxed. It can lower anxiety, provide better sleep and even alleviate some chronic pain. 

 Scientific Studies on Weighted Blankets


There have been multiple studies around weighted blankets to determine their benefits. There is evidence surrounding the benefits of using a weighted blanket. For example, Annette L. Becklund and two other researchers from Saint Leo University of Florida conducted a study where there is evidence that the use of weighted blankets was shown to help relieve anxiety. 

Outcomes from multiple studies suggest that there is evidence in helping relieve both anxiety and insomnia. Other studies worth noting are "Weighted Blanket Use: A Systematic Review" by Kathryn Eron and "A randomized controlled study of weighted chain blankets for insomnia in psychiatric disorders" by Bodil Ekholm. 

There are multiple studies around the benefits of weighted blankets. Sunday Citizen Crystal Weighted Blanket.

Additionally, there are findings regarding the benefits of using weighted blankets to help with cancer treatment. A study by Jaimie Vinson, Jan Powers and Kelly Mosesso titled "Weighted Blankets: Anxiety Reduction in Adult Patients Receiving Chemotherapy" found out that "anxiety was reduced among patients receiving chemotherapy when the weighted blanket was used."

Weighted Blanket Pros and Cons


The list of potential benefits of Weighted Blankets seems endless and includes: 

      - Relieves stress, anxiety, restlessness and depression.

     - Helps with various disorders related to brain and nervous functions.

     - Helps treat pain and disorders associated with pain.

     - Provide extra comfort and warmth.

     - Boost your mood and concentration.

     - Aids Individuals with Down Syndrome.


Weighted Blanket Pros and Cons. Relax in a comfortable weighted blanket by Sunday Citizen.

Weighted Blanket Cons

     - Takes time to get accustomed.

     - May be more expensive than a regular blanket.

     - Not recommended for babies, and you should ask your doctor before using      them on children. 

     - Harder to take with you while traveling.

     - Not recommended for people with sleep apnea or other sleep/respiratory disorders.


What are the types of Weighted Blankets and what's Sunday Citizen's Crystal Weighted Blanket?


Weighted blankets can be made of several materials. Quilts or removable covers are usually made of synthetic fibers such as microfiber or natural fibers such as cotton. The inside is generally filled up with glass pearls, crystal beads, plastic pellets, or polyester. There are also thick knitted weighted blankets. 

Our weighted blanket's cover is made with an incredibly soft, breathable, and washable proprietary knit blend we call Snug. Inside there's a microfiber blanket filled with glass pearls and tiny pieces of natural gemstones (more on that below). 

Double fasteners help keep everything in place. 

Types of Weighted Blankets. Crystal Weighted Blanket by Sunday Citizen.

Why do we add Crystals to Weighted Blankets?


Crystals are used in holistic healing to absorb and direct energies. We chose to add amethyst, clear quartz, and rose quartz for their calming and soothing effects. Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer; it relieves stress and soothes negative emotions. Clear quartz is considered to be the master of all healing crystals due to its ability to magnify the vibrations of other crystals. Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. Together, they press down on you and make you feel comfortable while they also draw out negativity. The result? The most restorative sleep of your life. 

Weighted Blanket with Crystals

How much should Weighted Blankets weigh?  


For best results, weighted blankets should be about 10% of your body weight. Ours is available in 4 sizes: 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, and 35lb. If our body weight lies in between two set blanket weights, you may choose between depending on our level of comfort. Expert recommendations suggest that you go one size up, but it's up to you. 

Recommended Weighted Blanket Body Weight:


Body Weight            Blanket Weight

   100 lbs                       10 lbs

   120 lbs                       12 lbs

   140 lbs                       14 lbs

   160 lbs                       16 lbs

   180 lbs                       18 lbs

   200 lbs                       20 lbs


Weighted Blankets need to have a specific weight according to your body weight. Our body weight guide will help you choose the right one. Sunday Citizen Crystal Weighted Blankets.

How do I use a Weighted Blanket? Can I clean it?


Like all habits, it takes time to incorporate a weighted blanket into your routine and the key is consistency.If the weight feels like too much at first, use it gradually. Start by draping over your legs and cover your upper body with your usual comforter. You can work your way up night by night as it feels good for you. 

We can't speak for all weighted blankets out there, but our radically soft Snug cover can be removed for effortless machine washing and drying. It also features handy fastener ties to keep it in place. Simply follow our care guide:

Removable cover: machine wash cold. Gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. 

Inside weighted blanket: hand wash with cold water. 

How to use and how to clean a weighted blanket. Sunday Citizen.

By washing your weighted blanket, you keep your home clean and help aid our allergies. A clean crystal weighted blanket helps aid in clearing our allergies. Plus, we also stock extra covers to make your life (and laundry day logistics) a bit easier. In short, weighted blankets are a safe, gentle and effective hack for better sleep. And better sleep equals better life.

Happy snoozing!