How To Make Your Holidays Festive And Full Of Joy

How To Make Your Holidays Festive And Full Of Joy

“Tis the season to be jolly!” As the temperature drops, all you want to do is curl up in your snuggly blankets and watch Christmas movies with your loved ones. Gathering around the heavily decorated Christmas tree sipping on some warm cider sounds ideal, doesn’t it? Or perhaps having a steaming cup of coffee, watching fresh snowfall, cuddling into a plush blanket of fluffy goodness? 

To keep you warm and toasty during the jolly season, Sunday Citizen has curated a list of activities you can engage in to rediscover the magic of the holidays. These little things will ensure that you make the most of winter and your time off while keeping yourself comfortable and well-rested.

1. Snuggling On Your Couch Watching Reruns Of Your Favorite Christmas Movies

Being warm and cozy on your couch, cuddling with your loved ones, and watching movies or TV shows during the holidays is truly like a dream coming true! Wrapped up in a duvet like a burrito, with no disturbances and non-stop reruns of your favorite holiday movies seems to be the most comfortable way to spend your time during the Christmas break. 

While cuddling with our Snug Waffle Comforter, you are safe in your home and away from the cold. Staying warm in the inviting company of your family is the easiest way to feel the holiday spirit. 

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2. Creating Ever-Lasting Memories With Your Loved Ones

When you run out of movies to binge on, you can always spend more time with your family. All of you can huddle up together and engage in some quality downtime. These are probably one of the most memorable moments you'll create. Playing such at-home games or hosting house parties with your loved ones will allow you to start new traditions of your own, instead of just sticking to those followed by your parents.

One of the most organic ways to engage your young ones is through arts and crafts. You can have a sit-down with them and design your Christmas cards together! Try to plan a fun evening to take family photos for your yearly cards. These can be set in your snow-covered backyard or even by your crackling fireplace. By including your annual Christmas pictures in these cards, you can make priceless gifts for your dear ones. 

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3. Cuddled Up and Relaxing In Front Of Your Bright Christmas Tree

Gathering in front of your decked-up tree, snuggling with our Braided Pom Pom Lumbar Pillow, and exchanging gifts seem to encapsulate the true spirit of the holiday season. After all, Christmas is all about spreading joy to those around you. 

Just imagine lying on the couch, all cozy under our soothing Casablanca Throw, sipping on a steaming cup of coffee, and hanging out with your college friends. These would be some of the most fun ways to look back and relive those immortalized moments!

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4. Spreading The Christmas Cheer And Sharing Gifts

Instead of just giving your family and friends store-bought gifts, you can try to invest your time efficiently. Create hampers and give them handmade memorabilia specially curated for them. Your Christmas hampers can include freshly baked cookies or cinnamon rolls that you and your family put together on Christmas eve. Adding hand-knitted tea cozies, socks, scarves, and even a Crystal Powered Sleep Mask can enhance its appeal.

It is said that one of the best gifts you can give anyone is the gift of experience. You can invite your loved ones home and try to spend time with them. Such gatherings will be focal in creating lasting memories that you can look back on during the years to come. 

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5. Organizing Christmas-Themed Gatherings With Your Special Ones

Hosting baking parties or even a hobby or crafts evening with your loved ones will allow you to bond with them better. The time you spend together will be etched in your memory for eternity.

If your family or friends cannot travel, you can always call them up! One of the many boons of digitization is the ease of communication. Sharing your time with your special ones over an audio call or a video chat will let you connect with them better. 

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6. Lounging About in Your Cozy Wear To Keep You Toasty Through Those Chilly Nights

Trying to make the most of the season and keeping yourself busy all the time during the holidays can be exhausting. Sometimes all you want to do is hang out in your space and enjoy some quality me-time. 

To make the ambiance more comforting, grab our Snug Waffle Robe and make yourself a big mug of hot chocolate topped with lots of marshmallows! If chocolate ain't your thing, grab some hot cider! Or even eggnog, maybe? Anything warm that makes you happy on the inside too!

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7. Checking In With Yourself And Rekindling Old Hobbies

Instead of remaining idle all day long and feeling lethargic, you can start reading a new book or the one you never finished. The holidays are the perfect season to get to know yourself better and relax. It is the ideal time for you to practice self-care.

Comfort yourself; be kinder to yourself! Listening and catering to your needs is the best way to make you happier and lift your spirits. There's no better manner to pay homage to the season of joy than by making yourself cheerful and merry.

Woman lounging in long cardigan. Ribbed long cardigan. Cozy long black cardigan. Women's cardigans. Woman relaxing at-home in cardigan.

8. Amping Up And Decorating Your Space With Plush Festive Pillows and Throws

Christmas decorations are arguably one of the best things about Christmas. Setting up a fire and hanging mistletoe on your doorways is probably the easiest way to get those festive feels flowing. If you are feeling bougie and want to amp up your space, Christmas lights and festive decor are the way to go! 

Putting up fairy lights on your tree or by the windows can brighten up your home. You can also use plush pillows with decorative patterns like our Casablanca Throw Pillow to add more color and structure to your space! Displaying Christmas-y trinkets or your favorite holiday photos over your fireplace or in your living room can make the atmosphere warm and cozy. 

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9. Having A Warm Bubble Bath

Enjoying a warm bath or having some downtime in a hot tub is ideal! The steamy water can soothe your cold and aching muscles to give you a lasting sense of relief. Post your time in the water, always remember to dry off using a plush towel. Keep yourself cozy after the dip to avoid falling sick!

As unconventional as it may sound, singing Christmas carols while relaxing in your pool will make you happier. It allows you to tap into the joys and the spirit of Christmas. After all, Christmas is a season of lasting happiness. What better way to make the most of the festivities than by making yourself joyful and full of cheer!

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10. Relaxing and Recharging for Next Year's Proposals

Christmas and the holidays is the best time to relax and recharge to have enough energy to fulfil next year’s proposals. Grab your weighted blanket and get into bed or on the sofa and enjoy all the benefits that a weighted blanket can give you for relaxation and recharging. Weighted blankets can not only help with relaxation but also during pregnancy and for restless legs among multiple other benefits.

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The Festival Of Joy and Cheer

Try to take some time off and rediscover the true essence of Christmas. It starts with yourself! Doing absolutely nothing and lounging about in your Snug Waffle Robe and some festive socks can put you in a good mood, ready for Christmas.

But, also try to make time and go through all the events that happened during the year. Reexamine yourself and your life. Find out what makes you happy and determine what’s truly meaningful to you! 

Having introspective sessions cuddled in your Snug Comforter or the bright andjoyful B Cusco Throw is one of the best ways to enjoy this season of giving. At the end of the day, never forget to put yourself first. You can only spread joy to those around you when you, yourself, are full of cheer. Always remember that and have a Merry Christmas!

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