Bamboo Bedding: Sunday Citizen creates the most amazing bamboo sheets, bamboo blankets, bamboo pillowcases, and bamboo duvet covers on the market!

Bamboo Bedding – The Next Big Thing?

The big names in bedding? We’ve heard them all before – luxurious, indulgent silk with its hefty price tag, stiff and scratchy polyester if the budget is a leetle bit tighter, durable microfiber, and oh so many types of cotton, ranging from the most common and affordable (Upland Cotton) to the world-famous, super-soft Egyptian Cotton.

Bamboo Bedding is for Sure the New Kid on the Block 

But have you met the new kid on the block? Breathable, durable, naturally hypoallergenic, moisture-absorbing, antibacterial, sustainable... we could go on and on. The newest trend in luxurious linens is none other than bamboo bed sheets – yes, really! So how do those smooth but tough, woody stalks, the beloved tasty treat of giant pandas, gorillas, chimpanzees and even elephants, become the softest, cleanest, best performing natural fiber sheets? Let us break it down for you.

Bamboo Bedding: Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness is Key 

One of the main reasons for the rising popularity of bamboo sheets, fitted sheet, blankets, pillowcases, and duvet covers is bamboo’s sustainability factor, an increasingly significant element when it comes to product manufacturing in the modern world. Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on earth, in part thanks to the fact that it belongs to the grass family. Because of this, its chutes can easily grow back after they’ve been cut down as a strong, widespread root network remains in the ground. The fact that this plant essentially regenerates itself is a huge advantage when it comes to mass harvesting and production. Bamboo Bedding Fabric is considered on of the 7 Bedding Fabrics to Consider for Improving your Sleep. 

Bamboo also has the benefit of growing quickly without the use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers, as the species has a natural resistance to pests and fungi. Furthermore, to add to its eco-friendly qualities, experts claim that bamboo absorbs approximately 5 times more carbon emissions from the atmosphere than the average tree, generates large amounts of oxygen as it grows and requires very little irrigation when compared to other material plants such as cotton. All of these factors come together to make bamboo one of the greenest, most environmentally friendly materials accessible today. 

Bamboo Bedding is made from 100% Viscose from Bamboo at Sunday Citizen

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Tough, Sturdy Bamboo Bedding = Silky Soft Bed Sheets. How Does It Work?

So, what exactly is the process of turning this tough, sturdy, woody plant into game-changing, silky soft bed sheets? There are two main types of methods to create bamboo linen: mechanical and chemical. 

The mechanical method involves using machinery to crush the woody part of the bamboo stalk along with its leaves, before breaking this crushed material down using natural enzymes, in a process known as “retting”. The long, strong, flexible fibers that remain are subsequently stretched, combed out, and spun into a yarn.

On the other hand, after chopping or shredding the harvested bamboo stalks, the chemical method uses solvents instead of machinery to break the plant down into viscose form, for subsequent pressing into threads which can then be used to form bed sheets!

Now that we've understood the basics of the fascinating process behind turning solid, durable bamboo into soft, luxurious bedding, it’s time to explore some of the most important Pros and Cons of this material, and determine how it could revolutionize your sleeping experience. There are various pros and cons of bamboo sheets

Bamboo Bedding: Sunday Citizen creates the most amazing bamboo sheets online.

Pros of Bamboo Bedding Sheets

  1. Hello sustainable snuggles! See above; you know the drill.
  2. One word: Thermoregulation. Thanks to their breathability, bamboo sheets help to regulate temperature while you sleep, allowing you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter. That means no more sleeping with one leg off the side of the bed the whole way through August, and no more duvet cover battles with your significant other on those chilly winter’s nights!
  3. Moisture absorbing; micro-gaps in the structure of bamboo fiber make for a permeable yet absorbent material, meaning that moisture such as sweat is quickly evaporated from the surface of your bed sheets before it has a chance to linger. 
  4. Bye bye allergens! As an organic material, bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and thus a perfect choice for people who suffer from different allergies, dermatitis, or who have particularly sensitive skin. Even dust mites - teeny tiny bugs that feed off our dead skin cells and often trigger allergy and asthma symptoms - are deterred by the above-mentioned temperature regulation and moisture absorption, unable to find the warm, humid environment they need to thrive.
  5. Antibacterial and antimicrobial; we’ve got to say that this is our absolute favorite benefit. Did you know that bamboo bed sheets are antimicrobial, which means they repel odors and bacteria? This means cleaner sheets, clearer skin, fewer smells absorbed and better days, with a fresher wake up every single morning.
  6. Resilience and durability; even though bamboo bed sheets are super soft, smooth and lightweight, the stretched-out fibers that make up this fabric are surprisingly strong and durable. Because the plant fibers are stretched as opposed to being woven together, this makes the fabric less prone to pilling and tearing than other common woven fabrics. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, but also more cost effective in the long run, as bamboo sheets can last for many years.
  7. Silky Softness; Although bamboo sheets only have a thread count of around 250-400, their buttery soft touch is said to feel like a much higher thread count, akin to silk or Egyptian Cotton - the very definition of self-care. Bamboo sheets feel silky soft on the skin.

Bamboo Bedding: Sunday Citizen creates the most comfortable and softest Bamboo Blankets and Sheets for your comfort.

Cons of Bamboo Bedding Sheets

  • Bamboo bed sheets often cost more than traditional cotton or polyester blend sheets. With increased quality and durability comes an increased price point, which is important to be aware of. If you’re unsure about committing to multiple purchases, why not save up for one set of sheets to try them out first? We bet you’ll think the investment is worth it!
  • Correct care is key! For those absent-minded laundry doers, bamboo bedding can present a challenge in terms of staying conscious and making sure to follow the washer and dryer instructions on your items carefully, in order to prolong their lifespan – although said instructions shouldn’t be too complicated!
  • Wrinkle wrinkle little star; bamboo fabric has been known to wrinkle more quickly than alternative fabrics, meaning that a little extra care is required if you want your sheets to stay pristine on the bed! Our recommendation is to remove your sheets from the tumble dryer immediately after the drying cycle ends and spread them out flat as soon as possible to avoid creasing.

Bamboo Bedding: Sunday Citizen creates beautiful Bamboo Sheets and Bamboo Duvets covers for your Room and Home Decor.

So, what do we have in store for all the newly converted bamboo bedding fans? Here’s everything you need to know about the Sunday Citizen Premium Bamboo Collection – the ultimate bedtime upgrade:

- The Sunday Citizen Premium Bamboo range includes pillowcases, flat sheets, fitted sheets, and duvet covers for you to snuggle down under.

- Each Premium Bamboo item is made out of 100% Bamboo, guaranteed.

- There are a gorgeous variety of colors available, including some extra special newcomers! Choose from pale blue “Denim”, mint-neutral “Sage”, pastel rose “Blush”, creamy “Buttermilk”, classic “White”, light grey “Moon”, or moody “Coal” – there’s something for every style and every mood.

- The entire collection is machine washable for your convenience. Remember to keep your water temperature cold and avoid fabric softeners or harsh bleach, to give your bamboo sheets that gentle treatment - after all, they deserve it (and so do you)!

- Select Queen or King-sized sheets and covers for all your bedding needs.

- Is that tumble dryer we hear? No need to hang or drape your sheets over various household surfaces to air dry for days. Simply tumble dry using your machine’s lowest setting, remove and lay flat quickly afterwards for a smooth, crease-free look.

And for those who prefer a little hybrid action – check out the Snug Comforter, made with 100% naturally thermoregulating and antimicrobial bamboo fabric on one side, and impossibly snug microfiber on the other. This deliciously soft snug comforter, available in twelve stunning colors, is guaranteed to elevate your bedroom décor and can be easily placed onto your favorite Queen, King, Full or Twin sized bed.

We’ve always got your back when it comes to the most innovative, sustainable, environmentally friendly and, most importantly, dreamily soft bedding! You can thank us later. For now, sleep tight, bamboo lovers!