How To Wash, Dry and Care for Your Bamboo Sheets

How To Wash, Dry and Care for Your Bamboo Sheets

Washing, drying and caring for your bamboo sheets are very important processes to have a long-lasting product. Besides washing your bamboo sheets is crucial for a clean bedroom environment. Not washing your sheet can contribute to grease, stains and even mold. 

Washing Your Bamboo Sheets

Washing your bamboo sheets is similar to washing your other fabrics with a couple of small modifications.


Soaking your bamboo sheets in water can be a good idea before washing. This usually helps remove any stains and is fairly easy to do. Add water and detergent in a bucket and put your bamboo sheet in. There are some washing machines that have the option to soak before starting the actual cycle.

You can soak the bed sheet in the morning and complete the cycle in the afternoon or soak through the night. There is no rule of thumb for how much time you should soak the bed sheet but the more time you leave it the easier it will be to remove those pesky stains.


You may soak your bedsheets and then wash them or you can go directly to the washing cycle. You can wash by machine or by hand. If you are washing by machine, it is important to use a gentle cycle. Use a mild detergent and don’t use any softeners. Also try to use cold water if possible as hot water may affect the bamboo sheet fabrics in the long run. 


Drying after washing can be done either manually or in the drying machine. You can use a drying clothesline or rack to let your sheets air dry. Don’t expose them directly to the sun as they may suffer discoloration. If you are drying by machine it is important to tumble dry low without applying too much heat. 


You may get some wrinkles along the way so you should dewrinkle your bamboo bed sheet before putting in on your bed or storing it.

The sooner you take your bamboo bed sheet out the dryer the easier it will be to eliminate wrinkles. Sometimes while it is a bit warm you can just fold your sheets and you may not get any wrinkles. Cotton sheets tend to wrinkle more than bamboo sheets.

If you do get some wrinkles you can use your iron to eliminate them preferably in the lowest heat setting so you don’t damage the bamboo sheet fibers.


Can you iron bamboo sheets?

Yes you certainly can but you should try to use the lowest heat setting possible in order not to damage the bamboo sheet fibers.

Can you use bleach on bamboo sheets?

You should not use bleach on bamboo sheets. In the long run it will affect the bamboo fibers and it can also change your bamboo sheet’s color.

Can you machine-wash bamboo sheets?

Of course, you should always try to use a gentle cycle and mild detergents.

Do fabrics softeners ruin bamboo sheets?

Fabric softeners don’t ruin your bamboo sheets but in the long run may affect the bamboo fibers. Bamboo sheets are soft by nature so it is best not to use any fabric softeners.