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Top Tips for Using Linen Spray to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh and Delicious

There’s an award out there that you never knew you wanted… but believe us, you’re about to really want it. Have you guessed what it is yet? Here’s a hint. Picture the scene: your friends or even (*gasp*) mother-in-law walks into your home and asks, “What is that gorgeous fragrance!?”. You coyly respond, “Oh, that? That’s just my natural scent.”


That’s right: you want the best smelling home award. Let’s just admit it – we all do! Smell is one of the strongest, most emotive human senses. A pleasant smell has the potential to relax, soothe and comfort us, and/or take us instantly down memory lane to some of our fondest past moments. Like the smell of Grandma’s spaghetti bolognese cooking on the stove – aaah.


Not only do nostalgic smells have a positive impact on how we feel about a place - and possibly even our wellbeing and mental health - but fresh and clean smells also portray a deeper message. Within the context of somebody’s home, they reveal a positive message about that person’s hygiene and how much they care for their personal space.


So, how can you get out there and claim that oh-so-coveted award for yourself? With linen spray, of course!


What is Linen Spray?

Linen Spray is an easy and efficient household tool used to freshen linens such as:

and more, in between washes. It is often sprayed onto these linens while ironing, as the heat from the iron helps to lock in the fragrance.


However, the possibilities for linen spray don’t end there; they’re endless! Versatile and multipurpose in nature, linen mists can be spritzed onto freshly laundered clothing, used as a room spray or air freshener, spritzed onto soft furnishings, and so much more.


Keep reading to see how you can use linen spray to keep undesirable odors at bay and maintain a fresh and delicious smelling home.


            What is Linen Spray Made Of?

While the exact ingredients of each linen spray may vary, linen spray is generally made using a neutral alcohol or deionized water, mixed with some kind of scent or fragrance (traditionally an essential oil).


DPM is also a common ingredient in linen sprays (as in most perfumes and fragrances). Standing for Dipropylene Gylcol, this is used to bind and carry the essential oils within a given fragrance. It also acts as a diluter, helping to determine the strength of the overall scent.


Naturally, linen spray comes in liquid form and is sprayed as a mist.



A Brief History of Linen Spray and Essential Oils

The use of essential oils to scent both clothing and linens is nothing new. In fact, this practice dates all the way back to at least the 17th century, when the soothing aroma of lavender was commonly used, particularly in the South of France. Lavender oil is still believed to have purifying and healing properties, with some research even suggesting it may be useful for treating insomnia, anxiety, and restlessness.



How to Use Linen Sprays to Keep your Room Fresh 

Linen spray can be used in just the same way as a traditional, air freshener spray - by spritzing into the air to bring a pleasant, enticing smell to any room.


This is a great solution for last-minute house guests, if you haven’t had chance to thoroughly clean and air out your rooms before their arrival! It is also an eco-friendly alternative to plug-in air fresheners, reducing electricity costs and usage, as well as doing your part for the planet.



            Linen Spray and Laundry

As previously mentioned, linen spray can also be used to freshen up your clothing; we’re all about cost effective, time saving alternatives.


Here are a few of our favorite ways to use linen spray on clothing:

  • Take your smokey-scented sweater outside the morning after a beach bonfire and spritz it with linen spray! Fresh air + a dreamily fragrant spray = bye bye, ashy smell.
  • Spray linen mist on your clothing while ironing, to lock in a delicious, fresh scent with the help of all that steam and heat.
  • Enhance the relaxing effects of comfy clothing, such as pajamas and loungewear, by adding an element of fragrance! New chill levels: unlocked.
  • Pesky hand-wash or dry clean only outfits? Buy yourself a little more time in between washes by perking up their scent with some linen spray.


How to use Linen Spray in the Bedroom

Not only can a pleasant scent boost your mood, but it also has the potential to relax the mind. For your bedroom, we recommend choosing a soothing scented linen spray to spritz onto your sheets, pillows, and into the air, to help you fall asleep faster.


Ingredients such as:

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Chamomile
  • Jasmine
  • Bergamot
  • Vanilla
  • Sage

are all well known for their calm and comforting properties. Breathing them in can reduce stress and help clear your mind of negative thoughts.


            Linen Sprays and Travelling

Linen Spray can be a great feature in your travel toolkit. How so? Well, you can use it in your hotel room or vacation rental, to provide a sense of home and create the atmosphere of your choosing.


On a day-to-day basis, you can also keep a linen spray in your car to get rid of any unpleasant odors.



            What to Consider When Choosing Linen Spray

The main differentiating factors between linen sprays are the ingredients list, the packaging, and, of course, the scent.


If you are trying to lead a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, look for sustainable, recyclable packaging for your linen spray. Plastic free is best!


If you have sensitive skin, try to avoid harsh chemical ingredients so as not to cause a flare up.


When it comes to fragrance, don’t be afraid to try and test a few different options until you find the one that’s right for you. Equally, you may prefer different scents for different linen items, or different rooms in your home; it’s all about finding that perfect vibe!



Aromatherapy and Linen Sprays

Linen Sprays tie closely into the concept of aromatherapy. For those unfamiliar with this practice, aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses natural, aromatic plant extracts and oils to improve health and promote wellbeing.


            Aromatherapy is both a medicinal and a spiritual practice, and has been around for thousands of years. There is even evidence that it was used in ancient Egypt and China!


Want to get in on the action? Linen sprays are a great place to start! Try to take a moment and notice how different scents that you spray onto your linen, clothing or bedding make you feel. Do they calm you? Do they help you sleep easier? Do they even relieve pain or soothe sore joints? If so, you’re experiencing some of those famed aromatherapy benefits!



Our Favorite Scents

Seattle-based Antica Farmacista creates some of our very favorite transportive, luxury fragrances. Featured in some of the world’s most beautiful hotels, their feel-good scents are now available for your home. (Plus, their sprays come packaged in the chicest recyclable glass bottles, for you to show off on your coffee table!)


Desert Sage: An intoxicating and invigorating herbal infusion of wild sage, rosemary and lavender.

Desert Sage Linen Spray


Iron Wood: A rich, flinty, and perfectly balanced blend of herbs, woods and spices.

Iron Wood Linen Spray


Santorini: A medley of crisp citrus and green notes artfully paired with exotic spice and natural wood essences.

Santorini Linen Spray


Lemon, Verbena & Cedar: A wonderfully complex, invigorating yet subtle twist on a traditional citrus scent.

Lemon Linen Spray


 Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin: A rich, delectably sweet gourmand fragrance with added spice and citrus notes.

Vanilla Linen Spray





Is linen spray perfume?

Yes, but not in the traditional sense. It is not advised to spritz linen spray directly onto your body, especially if you have sensitive skin.


Are linen sprays safe? 

Yes! Just make sure to check the ingredients list to avoid harsh chemicals or toxins.


Should you use linen spray? 

If you love fresh, clean and delicious smells, you should definitely give linen spray a try! 


What is the difference between room spray and linen spray? 

Room sprays and linen sprays can often be used interchangeably – hurray for multipurpose, versatile products!