Mom kissing her baby. Woman wearing Sunday Citizen Cosset Relaxed Pullover.

Our SC Moms Share What They #GotFromTheirMamas in Honor of Mother’s Day

his Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating all of the very special moms, stepmoms, soon-to-be moms, “practically my mom”s, and more (including the awesome moms in our own Sunday Citizen team!). We truly don’t know where we would be without them. 


In celebration of this special day, we asked a group of our own SC Moms to reveal the funniest and/or most unexpected things they got from their mamas. Those double-take-worthy, “woah, I sound just like my mother” kind of things. 


Read on to hear what they said…




“When I was younger, it used to annoy me how punctual my mom was, and how she expected everyone to be punctual like her. But the older I’m getting, the more I’m becoming like that – it annoys me to the highest degree when people are not on time or whenever I have to wait for someone!”

  • SC Mom, Melanie Roy


Melanie is wearing the Butter Modal Boat Neck Tee and matching Butter Modal Joggers in Mint. 


“We are very random!! My mom is so random – in her world, everything is possible, and she’s very gullible, and I’m just the same way. Things that she says are exactly the same things I would say and vice versa, so if you meet us together, you’ll be like “yeah, you’re definitely related.””

  • SC Mom, Michelle Poler


Michelle is wearing the Cosset Cropped Sweatshirt and matching Cosset Relaxed Sweatpants, both in Chocolate. 


“I am one of three girls, and growing up, she would always call us by the wrong names. She’d go through all the names until she got to the person she meant to call. And now, with my four, I do the exact same thing; I call all three names before I get to the fourth name of the person that I intended to call, and I’m like, “Oh, there it is! Just like my mom”. 

  • SC Mom, Marina Franco



Marina is wearing the Cosset Relaxed Turtleneck and Cosset Biker Shorts in Chocolate.


“The ability to show my expression with just one look. I always could read her face as a kid, just by her reaction to something, and I’m told that I have that same magic ability… so don’t ever play poker with me!”

  • SC Mom, Mahria Murr


Mahria is wearing the Butter Modal Sleep Shirt in Mint. 


“Definitely her corny sense of humor. We love music in my family, and I remember that growing up, every phrase that someone would say that reminded her of a song, she would have to sing. Our whole house would be full of music and full of laughter. Here I am as a mom, and I do the same exact thing. Every single time, it makes me laugh.”

  • SC Mom, Claire Cohen



Claire is wearing the Butter Modal Boat Neck Tee in Washed Lavender and the Butter Modal Robe in Clear White.


“Probably her laugh. We share the same laugh - it’s more of a cackle and I think it’s hilarious. But it’s also something that I treasure, because she’s gone now. So, every time I laugh, I think it’s embarrassing but hilarious, but also special.”

  • SC Mom, Tanya Connor


Tanya is wearing the Butter Modal Tank and matching Butter Modal Joggers in Coal. 


We absolutely loved hearing about the funny quirks, habits and personality traits our SC moms got from their mamas, and we hope that you’ve enjoyed reading them. Happy Mother’s Day, one and all!