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All About our Cooling Comforters: How They Work and More

Ever woken up with drenched sheets from night sweats, or found it hard to fall asleep in hot summer months? You might be a hot sleeper (and you’re definitely not alone!). People naturally run hot or cold at night, and are comfortable sleeping at different temperatures.

Many factors contribute to a good night's sleep - light levels, mattress quality, bedding materials, and more - yet, undoubtedly, one of the most important is the temperature at which you sleep. This can even lead to conflict amongst roommates or partners - if you’ve participated in a thermostat war before, you’ll understand!

Fortunately for hot sleepers and those who live in warm climates, advancements in textiles technology in recent years have given rise to cooling comforters, revolutionizing the way we sleep. With the launch of our brand-new Snug Cooling Comforter , featuring innovative “Tones of Cool” technology, Sunday Citizen has officially joined the revolution!

But how exactly does our Snug Cooling Comforter  work? What are the benefits of cooling comforters, and how do they compare to alternative options such as duvets or blankets? Read on to learn all there is to know about cooling comforters, and whether this could be the right fit for you.

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What is a Cooling Comforter?

Cooling comforters are specially designed bed toppers that help regulate one’s body temperature, providing a comfortable sleep environment. They are crafted using innovative materials and cooling technology that work together to actively wick away moisture and dissipate excess body heat.

By incorporating these cooling elements, these comforters create an optimal microclimate for the body, preventing excessive sweating (no thanks!) and taking your nightly rest to the next level.

5 Benefits of Cooling Comforters

  1. Temperature Regulation: The primary benefit of cooling comforters lies in their ability to regulate body temperature. The innovative fabrics used in their construction help wick away excess body heat and sweat, keeping you dry and cool all night long. This promotes uninterrupted sleep and reduces discomfort caused by night sweats.
  2. Improved Sleep Quality: By maintaining the perfect sleep temperature for you, cooling comforters promote deep and restful sleep, reducing and even eliminating interruptions caused by discomfort. This uninterrupted sleep time allows you to enter and stay in the deeper stages of sleep (such as REM) more easily, enhancing your overall sleep quality.
  3. Relief for Hot Sleepers: If you tend to sleep hot and wake up sweating, cooling comforters offer a game-changing solution. These cooling blankets allow excess heat around your body to escape, helping you wake up in the morning feeling fresh as a daisy!
  4. Allergy and Asthma Friendly: Cooling comforters are often made with hypoallergenic materials, making them an excellent choice for those with allergies or asthma. Both the viscose from bamboo and Snug fabric used in our Snug Cooling Comforter  are hypoallergenic and easy on all skin types.
  5. One and Done: An important benefit of comforters in general is their all-in-one nature. Finding it daunting to shop for many different bedding elements? Tired of struggling to put your duvet cover back on after laundry day? Comforters are your comfy, convenient, one and done solution. The best part? All of ours are 100% machine washable.

Comforters vs. Duvets: Which One’s Cooler?

When it comes to temperature regulation and staying cool at night, in our humble opinion, cooling comforters pip duvets to the post. Why? Well, duvets tend to trap heat, and are generally known for their coziness and warmth. While it is possible to buy different duvet inserts for different levels of warmth, this can often be a costly and finicky solution.

In contrast, cooling comforters are specifically designed to facilitate breathability and moisture wicking, actively working against raised body temperature to keep you cool and comfortable.

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Introducing “Tones of Cool” Technology

So, what exactly gives our new Snug Cooling Comforter its cooling quality? Meet “Tones of Cool”, a groundbreaking technology developed by textiles innovators at Devan. “Tones of Cool” provides an instant cooling sensation by quickly drawing heat away from your skin on initial contact, absorbing and subsequently releasing it to reduce your overall body temperature.

This is all thanks to microencapsulated Phase Change Materials (PCMs), which provide high thermal effusively and keep your thermal balance in check all night long. It is completely safe, BPR covered, EPA registered, OEKO TEX® certified, and a total game changer in the bedding industry.

Cooling Comforter Sunday Citizen

Let’s Wrap This Up…

To conclude, sleep is an essential aspect of our well-being. Investing in quality bedding that promotes comfort and temperature regulation (if needed) is key. For those who struggle with hot and restless nights, cooling comforters offer a great solution while still keeping you comfy and cozy.

Try our new Snug Cooling Comforter  and see what you think! With free shipping and free 90-day returns, there’s nothing to lose.