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Top 8 Interior Design Trends for Winter 2021 – Reinvent Your Home

After a year filled with ups, downs and challenges for many, that warm, fuzzy feeling of the holiday season is finally approaching. The twinkling lights of holiday decorations will soon illuminate the streets with beautiful wreaths, candy canes and silver lanes aglow!

As we head into the cooler months, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief, hunker down with a hot chocolate and snuggle up in the comfort, coziness and safety of your own home - there’s no shame in a bit of healthy hibernation, people! And what better time of year to get ahead of the top interior design trends and give your home the makeover it deserves?

The Sunday Citizen team has been painstakingly researching to bring you the hottest, inside scoop on the interiors trends that design experts are loving this season. Enter the New Year with sensational style and make your home the cozy yet sophisticated sanctuary you deserve! We hereby present the Top 8 Interior Design Trends for Winter 2021.


  1.     Contrasting Prints

  1.     Earthy Color Palettes

  1.     Sustainable Materials

  1.     Gold Accents

  1.     Snug Textures

  1.     House Plants

  1.     Statement Walls

  1.     Decorative Vases


  1.     Contrasting Prints


Snug Waffle Lumbar Pillow and Casablanca Throw. Blue patterned throw blanket on a couch. Waffle textured lumbar pillow. Waffle pillow. Contrasting print couch decor. Fun color couch decor.



One of this season’s most fun and free-spirited trends is the mixing and matching of contrasting prints. For those who love colorful decor and the chance to be creative, this one’s for you! Don’t be afraid to be a little bold this season, combining prints and patterns in different scales - larger or wider prints mixed with smaller, more delicate ones - to create that perfect balance. 

Contrasting prints is a surefire way to keep a room looking full, interesting, and warm. To ensure a cohesive look whilst still being eclectic and playful, pick prints with one or two mutual, grounding tones to pull everything together.


  1.     Earthy Color Palettes


Snug Comforter in Taupe. Taupe comforter. Earthy neutral bedding inspiration. Cabin in the woods bedroom decor. Cozy winter bedroom decor. Taupe bedding. Neutral bedding. Beige and Taupe neutral bedding. Beige bedroom accents.

As we approach the end of 2021, warm and earthy hues are most definitely trending. Give your living room, dining room, entryway, or bedroom a cozy makeover by introducing some of these versatile colors, including terracotta, clay, caramel, burnt umber, and turmeric.

Making the most of the uplifting effects of these natural hues can be as simple as incorporating small, tonal touches into a room, in the form of throw pillows, blankets, linen napkins or bedsheets. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference these accent details can make!


  1.     Sustainable Materials


Premium Bamboo Sheet Set. Bamboo bedding. Bamboo sheets. Eco-friendly sheets. Sustainable sheets. Sustainable bedding. Sustainable home essentials. Bamboo products. Sage Green bedding.

With more and more customers seeking out sustainable, responsibly sourced pieces for their homes, you can expect to see a continuation in the trend for eco-friendly décor this Winter.

Not sure exactly how to go about becoming a more conscious consumer? Never fear! A great and easy way to get started is to seek out brands who use natural, sustainable materials and processes to make their products, and check out some local suppliers. 

Focusing on the quality, durability and longevity of your pieces is also a great way to ensure a more environmentally friendly home, as you begin to invest in items that won’t require regular replacing.


  1.     Gold Accents
Coal grey duvet cover. Neutral mixed toned bedroom inspo. Gold bedroom accents. Gold bedroom lamps. Mixed wood bedroom accents. Grey and Beige neutral bedroom inpsiration.


Little gleams of golden metal on furniture and decorative pieces, including lamps, mirrors, kitchenware accessories and more, have become a modern home staple over the past year. This cool, elegant nod to the art-deco trend continues to grow in popularity, elevating everyday décor to enhance a room and bring a glamorous, contemporary feel to your surroundings.

One of our favorite lowkey ways to incorporate gold accents into the home includes swapping out your classic drawer and door handles for gold hardware – easy peasy, low cost and so chic!


  1.     Snug Textures


Hand touching soft blanket. Woman feeling soft blanket. Soft textured blanket. Braided Pom Pom Throw in Sahara Tan. Beige colored throw blanket. Fuzzy throw blanket. Cozy throw blankets.

It will come as no surprise that snug and cozy textures are IN this Winter! That’s right, bring out your boucle, waffle fabric, velvets, natural linens and more; it’s all about those indulgent “touch-me” materials that are truly a treat for all the senses.


A stylish, snug blanket or throw over the side of your couch or the end of your bed can go a long way to create that cozy, comforting feel we all crave during the winter months. You can even opt for a shag pile rug or a boucle armchair!


  1.     House Plants


Accent chair with decor throw blanket and house plants. House plants in pots on floor. Hanging house plant. Hanging plant. Accent corner. Accent chair in the corner. Cozy reading corner. House plant decor.

The house plant industry is booming as many of us continue to spend most of our days at home. Not only do plants bring a joyful lease of life into any space, but the act of taking care of another living thing itself is both therapeutic and relaxing.


Winter is the perfect time to invest in some greenery to brighten up your living spaces. If you’re a house plant newbie, try starting off with low-maintenance succulents, snake plants, pothos or philodendrons. These tend not to require too much watering or direct sunlight, making them easier to care for (and harder to kill!).


Top tip: Whilst house plants are increasingly entering bedroom and bathroom spaces, make sure you choose the right species for each spot! It can be harmful to sleep in close proximity to certain plants due to carbon dioxide emission.


  1.     Statement Walls

 Bedroom accent wall. Accent wall for the bedroom. Dark accent wall. Gray coal accent wall. Modern Victorian bedroom aesthetic. White comforter with colored pillows. White bedding with neutral decor pillows.

This season, interior designers are loving eye-catching, statement walls with major personality. There are numerous ways to make a wall the center of attention, be it with patterned wallpaper to create depth and interest, a painted mural for maximum escapism, or even a simple paneled or tiled wall for a more subtle, luxurious feel. Whatever you choose, just have fun with it!


When choosing the right room for a statement wall, make sure it is of a comfortable size and not too crowded. Then, try to identify your chosen room’s current focal point and choose the wall that best highlights that; for instance, the wall behind your headboard in a bedroom is a great place to start.


  1.     Decorative Vases

 Large square floor pillow on a basketweave rug. Wood hallway table with mini vases. Decor vases for the floor. Neutral vases for decor.

Long gone are the days where vases were seen as outdated or old-fashioned - decorative vases are well and truly back, friends, and they’re bigger and bolder than ever before! Choose from translucent, opaque, colored glass or painted for a statement look on your coffee table, bookshelf or television console.


Round and derriere style vases are this season’s trendiest shape pick, and last season’s faux flower trend can really come in handy if you want to sidestep the hassle of all that stem trimming and water changing!

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