21 Ways to Wear Your Washable Silk Dress Indoors And Outdoors

21 Ways to Wear Your Washable Silk Dress Indoors And Outdoors

Unless you’re hidden under a rock, you are well aware that sleepwear is the hottest trend to hit the pandemic era. Loungewear that you can wear beyond the bed— and straight to a Zoom meeting.

This loungewear trend has led to the newest fashion breakthrough. There are various types of loungewear but one of our favorite is the washable silk slip dress. A tribute to the 1990’s slip-dress craze, this bold, and innovative trend has made an exciting comeback and is going viral— fast!



Our Washable Silk Sleep Dress styled 5 different ways 🖤

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What Is A Washable Silk Dress?

But, wait! What is a Washable Silk Dress?

When a brand advertises “washable silk dress,” they mean luxury material that can be used as casual, everyday wear.  Think of the slip dress— an undergarment, or a camisole, that you wear underneath your dress or skirt. Now, imagine a slip dress made of silk being worn to the park and paired with sneakers and a denim jacket?

Yes, that is called a washable silk dress— versatile and all-purpose. You can refashion it as formal wear, honeymoon wear—  or even trip-to-the-grocery wear. Anything goes!


Washable Silk Dress Styles

Washable silk dresses come in different lengths:

Mini (short) Washable Silk Dress

Midi (medium) Washable Silk Dress

Maxi (long) Washable Silk Dress

They can also come in different cuts, necklines, prints, colors— but one distinct feature remains: it’s made of silk.  And, take note- silk is washable— and we mean, machine-washable. Other washable silk dresses also come in wrap-style.


Washable Silk Sleep Dress worn by a Woman taking a selfie in a mirror with a staircase behind

Photo Credit: @amidwesternmix

How To Use A Washable Silk Dress

The brilliant thing about washable silk dresses is that it can suit every woman. Regardless of your height, shape, size, or age, you can look great on it! Here’s how to rock your washable silk dress indoors and outdoors. Here are the 21 ways to wear a Washable Silk Dress Indoors and Outdoors.  

21 Ways to Wear a Washable Silk Dress - Indoor Styles

Who says you can’t look nice indoors? Here are some ideas on how to jazz up that washable silk dress, and strut with style within the four corners of your home!

As Is Inside your home, you can wear your washable slip silk dress as it is. No embellishments. Just sheer sexiness!

Women Wearing a Black Washable Silk Sleep Dress Opening a Door  

Photo Credit: @livingwithjackie_

Pair With ShortsMatch it with a pair of shorts— whether it’s the same color and material—or not. Let’s say you have a deep maroon slip dress. You can pair it with cotton plaid shorts or black silk shorts, and even cycling shorts. It’s up to you whether to tuck it in or not. It’s the perfect casual getup if you’re just lounging around, cooking, gardening, or taking care of the kids. 

Pair With BlazerIf you’re attending a corporate Zoom meeting, upgrade to a power look by layering your slip dress with a blazer— whether it’s a long-line blazer or a cape blazer. Think “corporate-sensual” hybrid. Glam up that hair by making a neat chignon, a low-classy ponytail, or perfectly styled untied hair. Pair with accessories and apply makeup— you’re all set for a formal video call!

Pair With Jogging PantsWhatever length your slip dress is, tuck it inside a pair of jogging pants for a super comfy look inside your home. Even if you’re just inside your house, make yourself feel good by picking out colors that match, like a black slip dress and grey jogging pants; or a white slip dress and beige jogging pants. You can even get monochromatic!

Pair With Pajama BottomsWear that pink mini silk slip dress with pajama bottoms just because it's cute. Opt for printed pajama bottoms to cheer you up. Wouldn’t a navy blue mini silk dress look cute with pajamas with little panda bears all over it? Or go for the mature look— elegant black-and-white striped pajama bottoms to go with your mini fire-engine red silk dress. You can very much wear this on a Zoom game night with your girlfriends! Or, at a casual online date.

Young Woman Wearing a Black Washable Silk Slip Dress going out for lunch

Photo Credit: @livingwithjackie_

21 Ways to Wear a Washable Silk Dress - Outdoor Styles

Whether you’re headed for a dinner date, to the bank, to the mall— or to a formal event, here are some tips on how to wear your washable silk dress outdoors and completely turn heads!

Going OutSilk Dress on its own paired with simple gold jewelry a black handbag and a kitten heel. No establishments.  Just sheer sexiness!

Girl wearing a Sunday Citizen Silk Dress paired with simple gold jewelry a black handbag and a kitten heel.

Everyday LookGo for sexy casual-chic by wearing a mini black silk dress tucked in over skinny jeans. Better go for black jeans to achieve that sophisticated monochrome look. Make your overall look super cute by adding a simple white baseball cap and sneakers! Then, pair with black stilettos, or flats. Accessorize with  a gold chain necklace, a leather bag, and a nude lipstick. Wear your hair down for that feminine touch.

Girl wearing a Sunday Citizen Silk Slip Dress, a white cap and black jeans tucking the sleep dress in.

Belted LookPerfect for maxi silk dresses. Whether it’s solid in color, or with prints, cinch your waist with a wide belt. If your silk dress is floral, go for a wide leather belt for that bohemian look. Pair with flat sandals and an ankle bracelet, or knee high boots. Then top the entire look with your hair in beach waves, with wide gold hoop earrings visible.

Lunch with the GirlsFor a more casual look— without showing too much skin— wear your  black mini silk dress over a white fitted shirt. Add a little glitter by wearing a simple gold pendant. necklace. Go playful with your hair by doing low pigtails and a black “baker boy cap” for a Parisian. For shoes, go for a heeled black bootie and a handbag. 

Sunday Citizen Washable Silk Dress worn by a young women with a Parisian Cap and a White Shirt below the silk dress with a black handbag

Shopping LookFor casual wear in the fall season, why not pair your short silk dress with a cropped black sweater worn overtop of the silk dress to give the appearance that it is a skirt? Monochromatic and sexy, add some glam to your OOTD by wearing a pair of round-shaped sunglasses! Go with a black purse, a tall leather black boot and sunglasses. Wear your hair sleek and shiny, and your makeup au natural! 

Young Women Wearing a Silk Sleep Dress with Cropped Black Sweater and Round-Shaped Glasses. Black Handbag. Monochromatic Look.

Sexy LookFor a formal event, or an elegant gathering, simply slip on your silk dress. Complete the look by strapping on sleek open-toe high heels. Because you’re going for “sexy and sophisticated,” pick a washable silk dress that has a lighter color— champagne, rose gold, or muted gold. Accentuate with a  necklace— whether it’s a simple gold chain, a gold layered choker, or a chunky necklace with large stones. Then pull your hair in a messy bun.

Happy Hour LookGo for the alluring combination of laid-back and sexy. Or, glamourous on top but sweet and approachable on the bottom. How? By wearing that perfect pair of wide-leg white pants. Simply slip on a pair of white harem or palazzo pants over your black silk dress. Pair with a nice set of sneakers. Let your hair down naturally, put a little lip gloss, and accessorize with a simple choker necklace and a bracelet. Adorable!

Young Women wearing a Washable Silk Sleep Dress Tucked into white harem or palazoo pants with Black Sunglases

Long Blazer LookSimply slip on a dark and long blazer over your mini silk dress. You can opt to roll the sleeves of your blazer up to your elbows. Slap on a pair of shades, and let your tousled hair down. For footwear, go for formal flats— preferably snakeskin, or alligator skin, with matching bag and shoes. Go for very minimal jewelry.

Denim Shorts LookTuck your mini washable silk dress in sexy, short denim shorts. Pair with any of the following footwear: flats or baby-doll shoes, sandals, flip-flops, ankle-boots, knee-high boots, or stilettos. No jewelry needed. Simple, relaxed, and chic!

Long Coat LookA long trench coat would look great on a long washable silk dress. So go for your maxi silk dress. Don’t go monochromatic; instead, make the color of your silk dress pop. If your trench coat is dark, go for a luscious colored silk dress— like burgundy, purple, or blue. Or you can get playful and wear a black maxi silk dress and neon-colored trench coat. The trick here is light-and-dark contrast. A pair of strappy open-toe heels will complete this posh look!

Leather Biker Jacket LookA maxi washable silk slip dress paired with a black leather biker jacket. This spells “rocker chic,” with sexy undertones. Play up the exciting textures by picking a slip dress with lace on it— feminine on the inside; tough biker chick on the outside! Wear black leather ankle boots and silver earrings to complete the look. Make sure you wear your shades!

Turtleneck Sweater LookWear a solid-colored turtleneck sweater with your midi or maxi washable silk dress. The sweater can be worn outside or inside your slip dress— either way it would look great. For midi-length, go for high-cut Converse shoes or ankle boots. For maxi dress, go for something more formal, like suede heels.

Long Cardigan LookGo for the cozy casual look by partnering your midi silk dress with a long cardigan. Then contrast this soft, feminine look by wearing statement boots, like ankle leather boots. Top it all off with a simple and thin gold necklace and neutral makeup. This look is perfect for a lunch out, or an office meeting.

Spaghetti Strap LookStrappy shoulders, why not? Underneath your slip dress— whether the length is mini, midi, or maxi— wear a spaghetti strap, form-fitting top. It would be better if you make the attire monochromatic. Shoes can either be formal (like stilettos) or casual (like sneakers)-- depending on the occasion. 

Scarf LookA maxi dress with a scarf around the neck for that approaching-fall look. It echoes femininity, warmth, and sultriness. You can go for a long scarf, or a mini scarf that simply accentuates your long neck. Match it with a straw hat and pair of sunnies. Pick low-heeled open-toed sandals. Ultra chic!

Elegant Long Black DressThe amazing thing about a black maxi washable silk dress is how it can be so versatile. You can wear this to a formal event by wearing heels, or to the supermarket by wearing flip-flops. For a formal event, you can even add a cape blazer— but better make it black as well. Add tiny studs of jewels to your earlobes. Simple, posh, and confident!

Final Thoughts on Wearing a Washable Silk Dress

The washable silk dress, with its retro comeback, is proving to be a timeless and versatile piece of clothing. This will not go away any time soon, what with the unlimited styles you can recreate out of it.

The trick here is to be bold, adventurous, and innovative. Try articles of clothing from your wardrobe and try it on your slip dress. It’s easy to get obsessed with washable silk dresses, so if I were you, get various colors and lengths, and get inspired!

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