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How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Folding your sheets may not be your top priority, but a neat and tidy bed can make a world of difference to the overall appeal of your room. Fitted sheets are that one element of your bed linens that we often struggle with.

Available in all kinds of patterns and sizes, fitted sheets make your bed look like a cozy haven. They remain firmly in place no matter how much you toss and turn in your sleep, protecting your mattress and keeping your bed organized.

Fitted sheets are amazing, there’s no denying it. However, you can’t deny that they are a double-edged sword. They’re incredibly convenient and easy to drape onto your bed, but folding them is an absolute nuisance.

If you, too, struggle to fold your fitted sheets, here are some fail-proof ways to organize your linens and make your life easier!

Fold Your Fitted Sheet Like an Expert

The key to properly folding a fitted sheet is to be mindful of the elastic bands. They can be the stuff of nightmares when it comes to folding, but once you learn to work with them, it’s a pretty easy process!

Method #1: The Classic Tuck

Bedlinen professionals and housekeeping experts swear by the classic tuck method, which has also been demonstrated by Martha Stewart! This method allows you to create neat stacks of perfectly folded, flat sheets.

Here’s how to go about it:

  •   Hold the sheet lengthwise and turn the two corners in your hand inside out. Keep in mind that the bottom corners should continue to face outwards.
  •   Use your hands to push out the upper corners, so the seams are visible on the outside.
  •   Place one corner over the other by putting your hands together and sliding your right hand inside while the left hand remains free.
  •   Slide your left hand down towards the bottom corner, along the elastic. Straighten your hand and the sheet will now be folded in half.
  •   Repeat this process and bring your hands together to put one corner of the elastic over the under. All your elastics should now be lined up.
  •   Lay the sheet on a flat surface — the elastics will look like the letter “L” and the sheet will look like a square. You can now fold it into a smaller square, or a rectangle, depending on where/how you wish to store it.

It may take some practice, but mastering this technique will allow you to fold your fitted sheets in no time. It’s also ideal for storing your sheets flat and will fit in the smallest spaces in your linen cupboard.

Method #2: The U-Fold

Easier than the classic tuck method, the U-fold was devised by Carl Walsh, founder of Bed Guru.

The U-fold follows the standard procedure of folding normal bedsheets while respecting what makes fitted sheets unique — the elastic corners.

The key here is to fold the sheet in half repeatedly while also smoothing the elastic corners just right.

  •   Hold the sheets lengthwise from the two top corners, and bring your arms together to fold the sheet in half.
  •   Tuck the elastic corners into one another by making your right hand go over the left.
  •   Fold the ruched elastic edges inwards, then continue to fold the sheet as usual while flattening the elastic corners inwards.

This method is extremely similar to the tuck method, as it’s essentially a half-tuck with the elastic corners turned in. The folded sheet will resemble a U-shape while remaining flat.

Method #3: The Marie Kondo Fold

Marie Kondo is considered the queen of organizing, thanks to her simple, easy, and effective methods. Her unique way of folding fitted sheets is no different.

Here’s her simple method that you can follow:

  •   Place the sheet on a flat surface, so the elastic is in the center of the sheet, facing you.
  •   Fold the sheet with the “rule of thirds” method — fold one end over the elastic, then fold another end over it to form a rectangle.
  •   Fold the rectangle in half once, then a second time to create a neat square.
  •   Roll the folded sheet to place it in a basket OR continue to fold the square to make it small enough to fit into a compact drawer.

This method is super easy and very quick as it does away with the hassle of properly handling the elastics.

It’s also simple enough that kids can follow along and fold their own sheets. And even college kids who’re not keen on putting in too much effort can use this quick method to keep their room tidy.

Method #4: The Lazy Roll

If you’re in a hurry to fold your laundry and running short on time or are simply feeling too lazy to put in the effort, this method’s for you.

The lazy roll method is not the neatest or tidiest folding method like the previous ones, but it’ll get the job done better than simply bunching up your sheets and stuffing them in a basket. Something is better than nothing, right?

The lazy roll doesn’t have too many steps, all you have to do is:

  •   Fold the sheet in half twice.
  •   Fold any uneven edges into the center of the sheet.
  •   Roll the sheet and place it in your linen closet or drawer.

The lazy roll is perfect for weekend laundry days when you just want to put your sheets away and kick back and relax with a glass of wine. This simple hack allows you to keep your room neat and tidy, without spending too much time perfecting the process.

Storing Your Fitted Sheets

So, you’ve practiced enough and have mastered folding your fitted sheets to keep them wrinkle-free.

What’s the next step? Storing your sheets properly to keep your linen closet neat, tidy, and accessible!

Here’s a quick guide to make the whole process a breeze:

Store Sets Together:

Storing your linen by type — with bedsheets in one pile, pillowcases in another, and blankets in a third — may seem sensible, but it’s not very efficient. It doesn’t take much for things to get messy when you have to individually reach for different pieces.

The solution? Store sets together.

The best way to do this is to neatly fold your sheet using one of the methods outlined above, and place the folded sheet in a pillowcase. This way, the sheet remains secure and when you go to grab it, you can conveniently get the whole set without making a mess of your other sheets and pillowcases.

It’s an easy way to store the sets according to size for better convenience.

Keep Things Visible:

Visibility is key when it comes to linen closets. It keeps things functional, accessible, organized, and overall more convenient.

Opt for clear baskets or drawers. You can also use other materials or styles; just make sure you arrange the contents in a manner that allows you to see everything at a glance.

For example, if you’re using a clear basket, you can stack your bed linens on top of each other. If you’re using a shallow drawer, create a horizontal pile so you can see everything, and easily slide your choice of bedsheet out with ease.

You can also roll the bedsheets up, or stack them up in a basket!

While this is the best way to keep everything visible, if you find it too cumbersome, you can simply label your draws or organizers. The general idea is to know where different things are stored, so you won’t have to hunt around and create a mess in the process.

Organize and Categorize:

Organizing your sheets in different categories can be extremely efficient and save time, letting you quickly grab what you need without any hassle.

You can divide your sheets based on different categories, such as:

  •   Color
  •   Material
  •   Design or pattern
  •   The room it will be used it
  •   Size
  •   Other defining details

If you live in an area where the seasons change drastically, you could even have seasonal bedsheets. For example, synthetic and warm materials could be stored together for winter, and breathable materials could be kept together for summer.

This will make it easier to switch out your linens based on the season.


What is the easiest way to fold a fitted sheet?

Which method of folding a fitted sheet you’d find easy would depend on your needs. While the “classic tuck” and the “U-fold” are both useful, they do require some practice.

So, if you’re in a hurry, the “lazy roll” or the “Marie Kondo” methods are perfectly convenient. They are hassle-free, don’t require too much practice, and just get the job done!

Is there a tool to help fold fitted sheets?

Yes, there is. Almost everyone struggles with folding fitted sheets, and companies have recognized this demand and have developed folding tools to help you out. You can look up a folding wand online. There are also companies that offer a folding tool you can use for fitted as well as flat sheets. 


Fitted sheets are an absolute boon for the bedroom. They reduce wrinkles, you don’t have to constantly adjust and make your bed every morning as they keep things secure, and are generally convenient.

The only hassle is knowing how to fold them, which can seem like such a difficult task.

Though it is a learning curve, a little practice using any of the methods we’ve listed here will have you folding fitted sheets like a professional in no time!

Once you perfect your sheet-folding technique, you’ll be able to keep your linen closet as tidy as the rest of your bedroom. Keep a fabric freshener handy and your linens will always be fresh as new!