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Why Use a Bolster Pillow?

Do you ever feel like you want some extra support while sleeping? Not necessarily physical bracing, but something to leave you emotionally fulfilled? Something to cuddle while enjoying a heartfelt rom-com? 

Well, you’ve got bolster pillows for that!

Now, you may ask, ‘Hey! What’s a bolster pillow? How can I get my hands on it?’ We’ve got all your answers! We’ve curated this comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about bolster pillows.

What’s A Bolster Pillow?

A bolster pillow is essentially a long, cylindrical pillow, often made of firm materials or memory foam for optimal comfort. 

These are highly functional and versatile forms of bedding that can be used in several ways to add a plush and luxe feel to your daily lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for quirky pieces to elevate your lounge or a supportive pillow to help you relax, bolster pillows are your new best friends!

The origin of bolster pillows has been traced back to Southeast Asian countries. These ergonomically designed pillows are believed to have come into existence to provide physical support and emotional comfort to people which is why they are mostly used while sleeping. 

If you’re having a rough day and want some extra TLC, grab a bolster pillow and cuddle with it for the ultimate sense of physical and mental relief. Further, apart from acting as excellent cuddling tools, bolster pillows are very dynamic and can be used for multiple purposes. 

If you’re confused about investing in a bolster pillow, read through the following list to understand how these life-changing pillows can help you improve your health. 

Here are 10 different ways you can use a bolster pillow:

1. To Support Your Spine For Maximum Comfort

One of the most obvious reasons for using bolster pillows is to brace your back and lower body. Since bolster pillows are generally filled with firmer materials such as natural buckwheat in our Crystal Bolster Pillow, you can opt for one to support your body. 

These are especially useful if you’re suffering from chronic back ailments. If you’ve got a desk job and spend hours slouching in front of a monitor, these pillows are ideal to align your spine and sit up straight for reduced discomfort. 

2. To Brace Your Body For Improved Posture

If you’re someone struggling with constant back pains or slouching, it might be time to look at your posture. Naturally, your spine has two C-shaped curves and one inverted-C-shaped curve that allow you to support your body and stand straight. 

One of the ways to check for a healthy posture is by seeing how your spine curves. If your spine follows its natural ‘S’ shape, it shows that your posture is pretty good. But if you’re unable to spot the curves in your back, you’ll need to work on improving your posture.

For this, you can opt for bolster pillows to support your spine. By doing so, you’re alleviating any excess pressure on your spine and encouraging better posture. It is crucial that you pay attention to improving your overall posture as it can affect your physical, mental, and to an extent, even your emotional well-being.  

3. To Encourage Muscle Relaxation For Quality Sleep

If you’re looking for a pillow to brace your back and body while sleeping, bolster pillows are for you! You can place these along the natural contours of your spine to help your back muscle relax and relieve any additional pressure that you may feel. 

Keeping a pillow between your knees can even help address any hip or shoulder problems that you’re facing. Doing this will allow you to improve your sleep tenfold. 

4. To Prop Yourself Up For A Comfortable Lay In

Bolster pillows are not just great for hugging or cuddling while laying down, you can also use them to straighten yourself while resting. Oftentimes, lying on the couch or even the bed can get uncomfortable, especially if you remain sedentary for hours at an end. 

In these cases, you can use a bolster pillow to sit straight or stretch your body a little to undo any kinks or knots in your back for a most restful downtime. 

5. To Alleviate Stomach Pain And Digestive Issues

You can always reach out to bolster pillows if you’re experiencing any gastric issues or stomach-related discomfort. If you’ve got a bad tummy, gas buildup, bloating or even acid reflux, bolster pillows can help resolve these issues. 

All you need to do is, lay on a flat surface, ideally the floor, and place the pillow under your belly. Then, try to roll from side to side to expel any gas and reduce pain. 

Further, these pillows can come in handy if you’ve got painful naval spasms. By placing a firm bolster pillow under your navel, you can relax your navel and abdominal muscles for quick relief. 

6. To Encourage Relaxation In Pregnant Women

Bolster pillows are great options for pregnant women looking to relieve their back pain. It can help them lay down comfortably to encourage deep-rooted relaxation. 

So, if you’re an expectant mother or know anyone carrying a child, invest in a bolster pillow for the ultimate sense of peace and comfort.

7. To Help You During Home Workouts Or Yoga

Apart from just improving the quality of your relaxation and soothing your body, bolster pillows can act as yoga props and workout supplements. 

If you’re someone who enjoys exercising from the comfort of your home or likes a good stretch before you start your day, consider investing in a high-quality bolster pillow to supplement your workouts. 

These can help you stabilize your body and maintain your poses while practicing some extreme yoga moves for the ultimate stretch. 

8. To Supplement Your Physiotherapy Sessions

If you’re someone undergoing physiotherapy to address any ailments, you’ll often come across your medical provider using pillows to support your body. 

These pillows allow them to set your spine straight, adjust your posture, and improve your overall alignment to reduce any pain and promote healthy movements. 

Sometimes, your therapist may even place a pillow under your neck or between your knees to encourage muscle relaxation and relieve any pressure in those regions before treatment. 

9. To Offer Comfort While Sleeping And Tummy Time For Babies

Babies need lots of tummy time, especially in their early days, to promote growth and emotional bonding. However, if your baby has developed colic or struggles with tummy time, you can use a bolster pillow to make the experience more comfortable. 

10. To Elevate Your Living Spaces

Bolster pillows come in several colors and designs to cater to everyone's unique needs. Along with their soothing effects on your body, you can also use bolster pillows to introduce new bedding elements in your rooms. 

Their soothing colors often act as a source of comfort and can seem very inviting after a tiring day. So, if you’re looking for a versatile piece of bedding, invest in a bolster pillow! You won’t regret it. 

Here’s More Into The Versatility Of Bolster Pillows:

So far, we’ve discussed how you can use bolster pillows to make your life more comfortable and restful. Along with these soothing uses, bolster pillows can be utilized in many other surprising ways for added functionality.

1. Can Be Used As A Chair Or Effective Seating Options

Instead of laying on your couch all day or staying in bed, consider using a bolster pillow to prop yourself up and sit up straight. Not only will this help you improve your posture and relieve any back issues, but it will also boost your productivity and make you feel more fulfilled. 

If you’re having a slow day and need a pick-me-up time, you could perhaps reach out to your bolster pillow instead of your usual cup of coffee for an energy fix. 

2. Can Be Used As A Footrest For Ultimate Relaxation

After a long and tiring day of running errands and being on your feet, all you want to do is lay down and stretch out. Bolster pillows are great for this. 

Their firm structure acts as a footrest, allowing you to keep your legs on them. They can help you enjoy some quality downtime before you need to get up and start your day! 

3. Can Help You Stay Warm And Toasty Through Cold Nights

If you're getting cold often, opt for a bolster pillow to keep your house well insulated and warm. By placing your bolster pillows at the bottom of your doors, you can effectively block out any cold winds entering your home and prevent heat from escaping for a toasty and cozy atmosphere at home. 

This simple investment can help you save tons of money on your electricity bills and can even promote a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle in the long run. 

4. Can Serve As Makeshift Toys To Keep Your Little Ones Entertained

Keeping your toddlers entertained all day long is a task of its own. If you’re struggling to come up with new ideas every day, why don’t you consider giving them the reins? 

Hand them a pillow and let them get creative. You never know what innovative ideas or concepts they might come up with. By doing this, you’re not only keeping them occupied but also boosting their cognitive development. 

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Science Of Pillow Hugging:

It’s been observed that hugging pillows can help reduce anxiety and stress in many individuals. Opening up the chest more and allowing more oxygen intake while sleeping can soothe and calm the body under stressful situations. In fact, ‘hugging cushions’, or bolster pillows are widely used by medical practitioners to treat anxiety disorders and supplement therapy. 

It was seen that pillow hugging can induce mindfulness and help with grounding as a part of a treatment regime for panic and anxiety. So, if you’re someone who suffers from anxiety, consider investing in a bolster pillow to help self-soothe yourself during difficult times or episodes of panic for a more restful sleep.  

How To Choose A Bolster Pillow?

The type of bolster pillow you’ll opt for will primarily depend on the purpose. If you’re looking for something to supplement your sleeping and support your body, you can choose a firmer bolster pillow. Sunday Citizen’s Crystal Bolster Pillow is made with firm buckwheat fibers. 

Further, these unique bolster pillows are ergonomically designed to incorporate the mystic charm of healing crystals such as amethyst and clear quartz. These are essential to promote improved wellness and the ultimate source of relaxation to leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 

Invest In Versatile And Dynamic Bolster Pillows For An Improved State of Wellness

With diverse uses and immense functionality, bolster pillows are some of the best pieces of bedding if you’re looking to improve your overall well-being. Whether it’s to help you sleep better or to spruce up your home, these pillows are excellent investments that you'll never regret. 

Woman laying on yoga mat using bolster pillow. Woman using Sunday Citizen Crystal Bolster Pillow.