The Benefits of Using a Down Comforter in the Winter

The Benefits of Using a Down Comforter in the Winter

When the cold weather strikes, look no further than a down comforter to beat the chills and enjoy some toasty warmth. Get comfortable under the covers, because it can help you get a good night’s sleep, no matter how much the temperatures dip outside.


What is a down comforter and what can you do to make it last for many winters to come? Let’s find out today.

What Are Down Comforters?

Down comforters are stuffed with down, which are the feathers from the undersides of geese and ducks. Soft, fluffy, lightweight, down feathers have insulating properties while at the same time being very breathable. That’s why these feathers are considered a high-quality and popular bedding material.

These comforters also often feature a soft microfiber or cotton shell, which enhances their feel and texture, making them great to snuggle under.

The light and gentle warmth of a down comforter means that you can use them all year round. But it’s a particularly great choice for the winter.

6 Benefits of Using a Down Comforter in the Winter

Here’s why you should invest in one before the colder months arrive.

1. Warm


Down comforters are insulating and warm. They trap air and keep your body heat in, helping you stay warm and comfortable even in freezing temperatures. This property of these comforters alone makes them a fantastic bedding option for the winter.

2. Lightweight

Down comforters are lightweight, which makes them easy to use and suitable for different seasons. Despite offering warmth, they will not suffocate you with their weight. So, if you usually sleep with layers of blankets and comforters in the winter, a down comforter will not weigh you down and make you feel claustrophobic.

You can also choose down comforters in different weights like light, medium, and heavy. This allows you to pick a weight that suits your personal preference and local climate. So, if you want a thick comforter with more weight for the winter, you can easily select a down comforter in that style.

3. Breathable


Another benefit of down comforters is that they are breathable. They draw away the moisture and sweat from your skin, so you won’t feel hot while sleeping. You will stay dry and comfortable throughout the night, helping you sleep better.

4. Hypoallergenic

Down comforters are also hypoallergenic. High-quality down comforters use a fill featuring down feathers that have been properly cleaned and sterilized.

This makes sure that all allergens are eliminated from the material. This in turn makes down comforters an amazing bedding choice for people with skin sensitivity, allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems.

5. Durable

Down comforters are long-lasting which makes them a worthy investment for your home. Down feathers have high resilience, so comforters made with them can stay with you for years if you care for them well.

These comforters retain their shape for a longer time than synthetic fill comforters. While synthetic comforters lose their loft over time, down comforters maintain their loft for years. This also makes them easy to care for and maintain and gives you more value for money.

6. Eco-Friendly 

Down comforters are environment-friendly, which makes them better than synthetic comforters and great for the planet. Synthetic fills typically come from non-biodegradable petrochemicals that harm the environment.

Meanwhile, down feathers are a natural, biodegradable, and renewable material. If sourced sustainably, they don’t damage marine and other forms of life.

How to Care for Your Down Comforter

A down comforter is always more expensive than its synthetic counterpart, for obvious reasons. Although the prices can vary widely depending on its quality and thickness, here are our tips on caring for your down comforter to help you extend its shelf life.

Use Duvet Covers


Insert your down comforter into a duvet cover. This quick and easy solution will help you keep your comforter clean and protect it from skin oils or other kinds of stains.

It also helps you reduce the frequency of cleaning as you can simply toss the duvet cover into the wash when it gets dirty.

Fluff Your Down Comforter Daily

Fluff and move around the fill of your down comforter every day. This boosts airflow and prevents the fill from clumping and trapping moisture. This in turn helps prevent odor build-up and keeps the comforter smelling fresh for longer.

Hang the Comforter in the Sun

On days when it is not humid, hang the down comforter outside on a clothesline to air it and dry out any trapped moisture. This will add fluff and freshness to the comforter, brighten it, and lighten stains, if any.

Remove Cosmetics Before Getting Into Bed


Makeup, lotions, and other cosmetics have chemicals that can stain and damage down comforters and make them smell foul. Clean your face well and remove any makeup residue at night to ensure that your down comforter stays fresh and clean. Also, wash off lotions and perfumes to avoid damaging your comforter.

Spot Clean With a Mild Cleaner

If you see a few stains on your down comforter, spot-clean it with a mild, non-bleach cleaner and a lint-free rag. Gently blot the stain and avoid using harsh chemical cleaners on the comforter.

Professionally Clean Your Down Comforter

Read the cleaning instructions on the care tag of your comforter. In the case of delicate fabrics or embellishments, take the comforter to a professional cleaning service. Also, avoid dry cleaning it frequently. Doing so can damage the fill.

Wash and Dry the Comforter Properly

If your comforter has a cotton or synthetic outer cover, you can machine-wash and dry it on low heat in a gentle wash-and-dry cycle. Avoid hot water as it can shrink or fade your comforter. Also, steer clear of bleach as it can damage and disintegrate the feathers.

Use a small amount of mild detergent, say, about half the amount recommended for a machine load. Finally, dry the comforter well to prevent moisture from causing odors.

Great Choice for Good Sleep

If you’re on the hunt for a premium comforter for the winter months, consider getting a down comforter. Luxurious, warm, and comforting — it will help you get a peaceful night’s sleep when the temperatures dip outside. And, it is worth every single penny you spend.