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Here's Everything You Should Know About Throw Blankets

We, at Sunday Citizen, love a quiet and cozy movie night. Fully snuggled up in a warm, plush blanket while sipping a calming tea. What a time to be alive! No matter what the season is, throw blankets are always essential. Eternally stylish and practical, you will soon find that you can always count on these multipurpose elements.

Throw blankets never go out of style. You can opt for one to keep you toasty on chilly nights. Or even resort to repurposing it as home decor during those sunny days to add a pop of color to your home! If you want to upscale any space without compromising on its overall luxe feel, throws are the way to go!

Cost-effective and bold, they are the perfect additions to your living space. Throws will help you add flair and comfort to your home while reinventing its style and appeal. Now, before you dive in to make your purchase, here is a short tour around the world of throw blankets to help you make the right choice!

What Are Throw Blankets?

Throw blankets are multipurpose blankets consisting of a single layer of fabric. These blankets are lightweight yet warm making them incredibly versatile pieces of bedding. They are perfect if you want to cozy up on the couch while watching TV or even when you crave some extra warmth in bed. When chosen correctly, throws can add color and pizzazz to your space. You can repurpose them as decor items throughout your home! From your bedroom to the lounge or even your home office, throws are highly functional anywhere!

What Are The Different Types Of Throws?

Throw blankets often come in different fabrics and colors. It allows them to fit anywhere in your home. You can even opt for throws depending on the utility you expect from them. For instance, you use a lightweight throw all by itself during the hotter months. Or, you can layer your bedding and other fabrics using your throw blankets in winter for additional warmth and coziness.

Further, something great about throws is their portability and convenient storage. These features allow you to use throws in both indoor and outdoor settings. At home, you can switch them up regularly as decor or even rely on them to keep your guests warm! While outside, you can use them as picnic blankets or even during camping.

What Are Some Of The Uses Of Throw Blankets?

Throws are functional yet stylish blankets used for multiple purposes. From giving you an extra layer of warmth to helping you hide any imperfections in your lounge, they can do it all. Depending on your requirements, you can tailor their use to fit your home better.

1. Add Warmth And Comfort To A Space

As mentioned, throw blankets pretty much serve the same purpose as any other blankets. They keep you snug and toasty during those times you need that extra TLC. One thing to consider is that they are much lighter than quilts, comforters, or duvets. This feathery appeal of throws makes them perfect for use all year round.

 2. Introduce Layers, Textures, and Colors

Throw blankets also act as design pieces or decor items to enhance the style in your home. Since they come in many sizes, colors, and textures, you can use them pretty much anywhere and everywhere, regardless of season or time. They can elevate a space tenfold while keeping it safe from pets or children.

 3. Compliment Your Style

These multipurpose blankets are a great way to add your sense of style to your living space. Instead of going over the top with different elements, you can keep it simple and stick to throws. Just drape them across your bed or gently toss them over your couch. Sleek and minimal, they can make the room seem more luxurious and elegant without overwhelming it.

4. Compact Sources of Comfort

Throws have smaller dimensions compared to conventional blankets. This compactness makes it easier for you to place them over your couch or by your reading corner for added comfort. Throw blankets can help you soothe yourself better by offering something extra.

 5. Help You Have A Better Lie-In

One of the best ways to improve your sleep is by introducing elements in your routine or space that bring you comfort. Having plush throws or your favorite scents around you can help you make your lie-ins more restful. Throws impart a sense of safety and security that can help you if you struggle with insomnia or poor sleep, in general. 

6. Perfect Gifts For Your Loved Ones!

Throws are versatility and functionality wrapped up in a cozy affair. Nothing speaks the language of love better than the ultimate gift of comfort. Be it Christmas or even a baby shower, a throw blanket is one of the best presents you can give someone. If you even find yourself out of ideas, now you know what to pick.

How Do You Choose The Right Size?

Most conventional bedding often comes in standardized sizing, making it easy to choose the right one. It, however, may not be the case with throw blankets. Typically, throws are big enough to allow for only a single person to use them at a time. With this said, you’ll also find some manufacturers who personalize throws to custom fit your specific needs.

Before you make the final choice, you need to be clear on the utility of your throw. Having a good picture of how and where you’re planning on using it will allow you to make the most of your purchase. It will also serve as a driver to help you pick out the most well-rounded and personalized one. 

If you want to get a throw for a bedroom, make sure to check the size of the bed before you add a blanket to your cart. Always remember that a throw blanket is a little smaller than your regular duvet or comforter. The idea behind a throw is to compliment your existing bedding and not replace it! Picking out a smaller-sized throw will help you add to a space without taking over!

 Which Fabrics Should You Opt For?

The nature of the fabric you pick would depend on whether you want a more functional or a more stylish throw, or both. Here’s a list of the different fabrics you can choose from to make a perfect choice.

 1. Synthetic Throws

Synthetic throws are made from materials like acrylic or polyester. They are warm, lightweight, affordable, and hypoallergenic. You’ll find organic fabrics like cotton and wool blended with synthetics to create plush and versatile throws. If you’re on the lookout for easy to maintain and durable throws, synthetic ones are the way to go. 

2. Cotton Throws

The fabric is affordable, soft, and breathable making it ideal for use all year round. Depending on the season and your budget, you can customize your cotton throws to be lightweight or heavier and make them suit your needs better. You do not have to worry about getting messy with them since they’re easy to clean. Despite multiple washes, the fibers in cotton throws don't degrade. Hence, they are the best choice if you have kids or pets. If you’re looking for something durable and easy to maintain, cotton throws are ideal!

 3. Cashmere Throws

Cashmere is a soft and luxurious fabric made using wool harvested from Cashmere goats. It is high-quality silky material comprising fine threading. Due to the comfort and luxe feel it provides, this fabric is rather expensive. Cashmere offers insulation against colder temperatures, making it a great addition to your bedding to invest in!

4. Down Throws

Down throws are made with fabrics filled with goose or duck feathers making them fluffy and plush. These throws are thick and effective insulators to keep you warm and cozy. Since the material is breathable, it also keeps you cool during summer. Down throws are fantastic for all seasons, provided you don’t suffer from allergies.

5. Wool Throws

Wool is a heavy and warm material that offers protection from the colder months. Although wool throws may feel bulky and thick, the breathable nature of wool ensures that you remain snug and comfortable.

 6. Fleece Throws

Fleece throws are made of acrylic fibers making them super soft, lightweight, and warm. Most commonly used in baby blankets or swaddle wraps, fleece is very comfortable and cozy despite the changing weather. It is one of the most preferred fabrics because of its plush feel and affordability. 

How Can You Ensure The Best Care For Your Throw Blankets?

Your throw blankets, too, get dirty like your bed sheets or duvet covers. Blankets are highly susceptible to collecting dust and germs, especially if you have pets or if the throws are being used outdoors. To ensure good hygiene and proper maintenance, you need to wash your throws every few weeks or months.

The type of cleaning will depend on the material of your throw.  Always read the label for relevant care directions. These instructions specify the type of wash cycles required and the detergent to be used. They also let you know if you can use a fabric softener or bleach for your throws. Try to adhere to these guidelines to ensure their good health and maintenance.

 While Cashmere throws are dry clean only, for cotton or fleece throws, it is recommended to use a cold wash cycle with a gentle detergent. Microfiber throws are easy to wash and care for. Machine wash cold. Gentle cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry low. If you’re specifically treating a stain, you can use a spot treatment and let the product sit for around 10 minutes. After this, you can wash your throw as mentioned above. Also, be sure to wash your throws separately without any other clothes to preserve the fabric and avoid dyes from bleeding.

 When it comes to drying your bedding, it is advisable to give your throws a good shake to get rid of wrinkles. Let your blankets air dry and avoid setting them under direct sunlight. Doing so will result in the fabric fading quickly and can also dull the overall look of the throw. If you follow these steps, you’ll see that caring for your bedding is quite simple indeed!

Invest In The Perfect Throw Blanket Now!

A throw blanket is a comfortable and lightweight blanket that will allow you to enhance any space’s overall style. These multipurpose pieces can be used as plush bedding to keep you warm and cozy at night while doubling up as high-quality decorative items during the day. The unending list of their uses and their wide range of utility is what sets throw blankets apart from the rest. So, what are you waiting for? Make your purchase now; you won’t regret it!

Sunday Citizen Burano Throw in Vibrant. Vibrant striped throw blanket.