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Here’s Why You Should Opt For A Lumbar Pillow

If your back isn’t given the support it deserves, it can result in many lower spinal ailments and poor posture. Using lumbar pillows can ensure a well-supported spine to prevent aches and pains during long hours of sleeping or sitting. Now, the obvious question in most of your minds probably is, “What is a lumbar pillow?”

Well, the answer lies in the name itself. A lumbar pillow, or a back support pillow, is an ergonomically designed pillow, usually filled with memory foam. It supports the spine to relieve any pressure that you may experience. Consequently, it is also great in helping you improve your posture and resolving any lower back issues. 

We, at Sunday Citizen, have put together this comprehensive guide on lumbar pillows to help you learn everything you need to know about these supportive pillows. 

How Does A Lumbar Pillow Work?

As we begin, let's first learn about the basic anatomy of the spine. The spine is one of the most important parts of the human body. It is responsible for several functions such as movement, balance, and upright posture. The spine is composed of different vertebrae that protect the spinal cord from injury by absorbing the shock of any impact on the region. 

The spinal column consists of five parts- the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine sections, and the sacrum and coccyx bones. The lumbar portion of the spine is crucial since it is the primary weight-bearing region that supports the body. 

Further, it is vital to know that the spine isn’t just a straight line of bones. Instead, the spine has several C-shaped and reverse C-shaped spinal curves. It results in the spine having an overall ‘S’ shape that is important for balance and posture. Hunching over for long hours or standing with poor posture puts large amounts of pressure on these curves leading to excruciating back pain and muscle fatigue. 

Thus, it becomes crucial to support the spine, especially the lumbar region, to prevent spinal abnormalities. This is where lumbar pillows come into the picture. Lumbar pillows are specially designed to reduce stress on your lumbar spine by bracing the lower back. They, in turn, provide pain relief by supporting the spine’s natural curvature and allowing back muscles to relax, especially over long periods. 

How To Use A Lumbar Pillow?

Now that you understand the working of a lumbar pillow, here’s how you can use one for the ultimate sense of relief:

1. While Sitting at Work

If you’re someone who works from a desk, you should invest in a supportive lumbar pillow to keep your spine supported throughout the day. When using a lumbar pillow while sitting, you must spend some time nailing its placement for the best relief and support. 

Start by placing your pillow at the lower end of your office chair. Then, sit down and rest your back against the pillow. Next, spend a few minutes assessing its placement. The pillow should support the natural curves of your spine. If you feel any pressure or discomfort, adjust it till your back feels comfortable. 

Further, you can make the most of your lumbar pillows by remaining mindful of your posture. Sitting tall with your back straight is ideal for maximum support and pain relief. 

2. While Sleeping

Whilst most lumbar pillows brace the back while sitting, you can also opt for one to support your back while sleeping. If you’re someone suffering from chronic back pain, your orthopedic practitioner would have most likely recommended lumbar pillows for improved spine alignment. These are one of the most functional forms of bedding available for a well-rested body and quality sleep. 

To use a lumbar pillow during sleep, start by lying flat on your back. Then, slide the pillow in place while ensuring that it supports your spine without any unwanted pressure. 

3. While Lying in Bed

Using a lumbar pillow to support your back can help you relieve backache and neck pain. If you’re someone with poor posture or lasting lower back issues, reaching out for a lumbar support pillow will resolve these problems. 

All you need to do is lay flat on your bed and support a thin pillow under your back. Make sure that your lumbar pillow is cushioning the natural contours of your spine effectively for the ultimate sense of relief. 

4. While Lying on the Sofa 

If you’re someone who spends a lot of time reading on your couch or even working on your laptop computer, chances are that you’re slouching and experiencing lower back troubles. To help you with the same, it is advisable to invest in adjustable lumbar pillows that are ergonomically designed to support your spine, back, hips, and feet for improved posture. 

Before you brace your body with a lumbar pillow, lay down in a comfortable position first. Then, prop the pillow to support your lower back and use your hips to secure it in place. Doing this is especially helpful if you’re going to be spending a lot of time lying on your sofa, perhaps indulging in some long-awaited movie marathons or even treating yourself to a refreshing shut-eye after a long day. 

5. While Driving Long Distances 

Supporting your back while traveling or driving is crucial to minimize impact and reduce any risk to your spine. If you’re planning on driving to the beach or even embarking on a cross-country road trip, it’s wise to be prepared with sufficient bedding and lumbar pillows for a safe and comfortable journey. 

To help you brace your back on a car seat, slip a lumbar pillow against your lower back and hip bone to keep it secure. Further, it is also advisable to opt for adjustable lumbar pillows in such circumstances to improve functionality. Before you start driving, be sure to test your position to ensure that you’re both mobile and well-rested with a seatbelt on. If you’re finding that your movements are restricted, use a thinner pillow with lesser firmness to ensure all-around safety. 

What Are Some Of The Benefits of Lumbar Support Pillows?

By now, you’re already aware that a lumbar pillow is highly beneficial for those with chronic back problems. However, this is not the only benefit of these multipurpose pillows. Lumbar pillows are versatile and dynamic in their functionality and offer several benefits. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a lumbar pillow.

For A Rejuvenating Downtime and Quality Sleep

Supporting your back can help you improve the quality of your afternoon naps and nightly sleep. Consistent use of lumbar pillows to brace your spine is fantastic for pain relief and better slumber.

To Eliminate Digestive Issues

A lumbar pillow can help you improve your posture and get rid of any accompanying digestive problems. You can use it to support your back while sitting. It will keep your back straight to prevent any heartburn and improve digestion. Also, having a good posture can help you get rid of belly fat quickly and effectively. 

For Boosting Circulation And Respiration

Keeping the back straight while asleep and seated can improve breathing and blood circulation throughout the body. It can help enhance bodily functions for well-rounded health. It will, in turn, allow you to increase your concentration and focus for greater productivity. 

As Decor And Bedding Elements

Lumbar pillows are excellent for layering and adding pops of colors to your living space. Opting for textured pillows such as the Snug Waffle Lumbar Pillow or patterned pillows like the Woodland Lumbar Pillow can help you introduce softer fabrics with a touch of comfort and luxury.

The Biomechanics of Healthy Sitting

If you want to ensure good posture and resolve any chronic back issues, it is advisable to sit up tall. Keeping your back straight while sitting can reduce any unwanted pressure on your back. Further, make sure that your pelvic region is well-supported and firmly seated on your chair or sofa for optimal comfort. One of the best ways to check if you’re sitting upright is by seeing if all the three curves of your spine are present. If not, use a lumbar support pillow or even a firm cushion to prop yourself up.  

How To Make A Perfect Choice?

Before you invest in a lumbar pillow, you should try them out to gauge its design and overall feel. Further, test out different options to help you find the right firmness and curvature suitable for your spine. 

Lumbar pillows like the Tulum Lumbar Pillow are foolproof if you're starting. These pillows are made with soft printed fabrics and memory foam. They will not only support your back but also help you enhance the aesthetic of your home. 

You can also repurpose lumbar pillows to add some colors to your home. For instance, the Burano Lumbar Pillow is ideal if you’re looking for vibrant bedding options to spruce up your lounge or home office. 

Invest In A Lumbar Pillow For Better Support!

Lumbar pillows are the ultimate pieces of bedding for those looking for blissful sleep. They will keep your spine supported for a sense of unparalleled rest and deep-rooted relaxation. If you’re looking to improve your well-being while complementing your living space, lumbar pillows are for you! So, what are you waiting for? Buy your Casablanca Lumbar Pillow now and embark on your journey to wellness. 


Question: How many lumbar pillows do I need? 

Answer: While there’s no fixed answer for this, it is ideal to have at least two lumbar pillows at hand. Investing in different support pillows can help you switch between available options for ultimate comfort. Moreover, you can never go wrong with having too many lumbar pillows. If not your back, you can always use them to elevate your living space too. 

Question: How do I pick the right lumbar pillow?

Answer: The type of lumbar pillow you require depends on the concerns that you’re looking to address. For instance, if you want to support your spine to reduce stiffness, opt for a firmer pillow with memory foam while working from a seated position. Additionally, if you want to prevent slouching and ease your lower back muscles, an ergonomically designed adjustable pillow is your best bet.