Bring some Mystic Magic to your Home with October’s Signature Hues

Bring some Mystic Magic to your Home with October’s Signature Hues

The magical month of October is finally upon us, and as we get deeper into Fall, it’s time to get real cozy. Temperatures have started to drop, with a cool Autumn breeze blowing away what’s left of the warm Summer air, and the harvest season has officially begun. 

With bountiful vegetables, fruits, and grains that were planted in the Spring and flourished in the Summer sun, it’s now time for farmers and local producers to start harvesting and storing their produce. If you have a home garden yourself, now is the perfect chance to pick your own fresh produce and incorporate it into a delicious, fresh, home cooked meal!

Another extra special feature of October is everybody’s favorite holiday. That’s right - Halloween is just around the corner! One of the most popular holidays across the continent and worldwide, Halloween is a time for mystery and magic, and finding the beauty in getting *spooky*. 

Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “What can I do to tap into the spirit of October this year?”. “How can I make this month extra memorable?”. Well, never fear - we’ve got just the thing. 

Incorporating elements of home decor or soft bedding in seasonal hues is always a great way to pay homage to a particular month or time of year. But while Halloween’s traditional orange and black tones are always a fun option, this year, we’d like to propose something a little different… behold, everything you need to know about the colors of October.

All About the Colors of October

There are two main shades associated with the month of October, and they’re both deliciously warm, rich, and perfect for incorporating into your home’s cozy spaces. Introducing: Maroon and Indigo. 

Maroon is a deep, full-bodied, dark red color that represents passion, strength and courage. Maroon is also said to be a stimulating color that can inspire creativity - so, if you’re stuck for some bright and bold ideas in your professional life, try incorporating this tone into your workspace! Lastly, on a more spiritual note, Maroon is often used to represent spirituality and wisdom, helping to guide believers towards the right path. 

Indigo, a mixture between dark blue and violet, is another deep and vibrant color, often said to evoke the mid-evening sky. With similar ties to spiritualism and mysticism, Indigo is also linked to intuition, wisdom, empathy, and justice. This color’s profound nature makes it a perfect choice to have in your home if you’re working on developing a deeper understanding of yourself and what you want to get out of life.

Spice Up Your Home with October’s Rich Tones

There are many ways to introduce Maroon and Indigo into your life, from your makeup bag (we love a maroon lip look) and closet, to your living room and bed. October’s moody signature hues provide a more grown-up, sophisticated alternative to the more traditional Halloween palette, while still staying on brand with the themes of this special month - also, witches love purple, don’t they!? 

Elevate your living space with some of Sunday Citizen’s coziest items in perfect-for-fall, dark purple, red and navy tones:

Sunday Citizen’s original Snug Comforter, featuring smooth viscose from bamboo fabric underneath and a fluffy top layer, is a one-and-done piece that encompasses your duvet insert, duvet cover, and top sheet! This deep, rich Navy color is the perfect nod to October.

All set on the sheets front, but looking for an October-inspired throw pillow to spruce up your couch or bed? Try our best-selling Pom Pom Throw Pillow, filled with memory foam and wrapped up in our unique, signature Snug fabric. This one feels even better than it looks (and that’s saying something, with that adorable pom pom detailing!)

More of a wine color lover? Check out our Versailles Lumbar Pillow in Sangria - Off White, a maroon beauty featuring a pretty, flower-inspired pattern. This incredibly classy piece provides optimum back support, whether it be placed behind your back or in between your legs while you side sleep to enhance your spinal alignment. 

Finally, what better way to evoke autumnal October feelings than with a delicious, luxurious scent? Sunday Citizen brings you this dreamy Gift Set: Vanilla, Bourbon & Mandarin Candle + Diffuser + Tray from Antica Farmacista, as a dreamy accompaniment to your evenings in, afternoon meditation sessions, and cozy weekend mornings.

More than Just Colors

The month of October brings with it many other meaningful themes, as well as its signature colors. Let’s explore some of these…

October’s Birthstone

Tourmaline is commonly regarded as the birthstone of October. This beautiful, vibrant stone, with pops of fuchsia and an almost glassy effect, is believed to represent reconciliation and foster feelings of compassion and sympathy towards others. 

Tourmaline offers excellent healing energies and is associated with the Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine, making it perfect for providing a sense of safety and security, as well as a boost of energy when needed.

The Birth Flowers of October

There are two main birth flowers associated with the month of October - marigolds and cosmos flowers. Often taking on bright and sunny orange and yellow hues, marigolds are beautiful, warm and vibrant flowers, believed to promote creativity and positive energy in your life. Nothing puts a smile on your face quite like a marigold (especially as the days begin to gradually get shorter, and the cold weather sets in!).

Cosmos flowers - from the herbaceous cosmos plant which is actually part of the sunflower family! - are beautiful and diverse, coming in a range of bright colors and unique styles. The orderly arrangement of their petals is believed to symbolize the natural order, balance, and harmony with the universe. Planting cosmos flowers is easy enough, as they are known to be low maintenance, making this another great way to bring the October spirit into your home!

October’s Zodiac Signs

Considered to be the primary sign of October (for all those born between September 22nd and October 23rd), Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac. Libras are known for being friendly, outgoing and spiritual people who look to achieve balance and harmony in their lives. Libras are intelligent and charming. They are also great at making and maintaining connections with others, making them loyal friends and family members to have.

On October 23rd, Scorpio season begins (ending on November 21st). This secondary Zodiac sign of October is very different to its Libra counterpart, with Scorpios having a more powerful presence. Scorpios  tend to be emotional, passionate people who like to live life to the very fullest and make the most of every moment. They are also often very strategic, intelligent, and fearless, making them some of the best leaders in the world. 

Fun fact: did you know, the Native American calendar has its own birth signs and totems? The Raven Spirit dominates the month of October, with high intelligence and wisdom playing a key role.

October Weather

"You don't waste October sunshine. Soon the old autumn sun would bed in cloud blankets, and there would be weeks of gray rain before it finally decided to snow."

-Katherine Arden, Small Spaces

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves! October is the perfect time to take in the last rays of sunshine for the year. The combination of very few showers, and pleasant temperatures during the day that fade into a mild chill, makes October weather particularly enjoyable. This month allows us to really make the most of the outdoors before that mercury drops lower (!) marking the beginning of winter. 

Invite Magical Energy into your Life with the Colors Of October

October is a month associated with spiritual healing and growth (as well as the mischievous spirit of Halloween!). With its signature colors of Maroon and Indigo there to provide extra beauty and fun, we hope you use these and the many other themes of October to tap into its magical energy. Happy October, citizens!