5 Years of Cozy Sundays: A Trip Down Memory Lane

5 Years of Cozy Sundays: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Did you hear? We’re celebrating our 5-year anniversary here at Sunday Citizen! That’s 5 years of cozy Sundays (and every other day of the week!).

As a family-run business, we’re so thrilled and proud of our journey so far. We want to thank each and every one of you who’ve been with us on the ride, allowing us to spark moments of joy through comfort. You are our “why”, and we truly couldn’t do it without you.

So, let’s take a trip down memory lane and explore some highlights from the past 5 years of Sunday Citizen…

Chapter 1: It All Started with a Throw

It was one special throw, at the Ivey’s Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina, that sparked Sunday Citizen’s cozy revolution. An entrepreneur approached us in 2016 to develop a blanket for his luxury hotels; it had to be as soft as cashmere, yet durable enough to withstand heavy hotel use and cleaning. The perfect blend of luxury and functionality.

We embraced the challenge and created what became the Casablanca Throw, exclusively for use in his hotels. And it was a huge hit. Guests couldn't seem to resist taking our throws home (!) and our own kids couldn't sleep without them. It became clear our product needed to be shared with the world.

Chapter 2: Sunday Citizen Has Entered the Chat

So, we partnered with Michael, the visionary hotelier, to form a family company with a simple mission: create joy through comfort, one soft piece at a time. Sunday Citizen was born!

In 2019, Sunday Citizen officially launched online with a range of throws and blankets. Our business slowly started to grow, as did our commitment to spreading comfort far and wide. And when COVID-19 hit a few months later, the world decided to stay home with us.

Chapter 3: Expanding Our Cozy Reach

With much testing and development, we gradually began to expand our product line to include a range of best sellers that would soon become beloved staples:

Snug Comforter

Snug Comforter Dew

Snug Comforter


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A favorite for cozy nights and restful sleep.

Snug Sham Set

Snug Sham Set Cloud Gray

Snug Sham Set


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The perfect blend of style and comfort.

Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket

Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket Cloud Gray

Snug Crystal Weighted Blanket


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A calming embrace for soothing relaxation.

Snug Ribbed Bed Blanket

Snug Ribbed Bed Blanket Boulder

Snug Ribbed Bed Blanket


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Lightweight yet cozy for all seasons.

Snug + Bamboo Sham Set

Snug + Bamboo Sham Set Rose

Snug + Bamboo Sham Set


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A dreamy fabric combination for natural luxury.

Snug Throw

Snug Throw mocha

Snug Throw


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The epitome of softness.

2019 brought Loungewear and Bedding categories to our cozy arsenal, while 2022 saw the launch of our dreamy cotton Bath Collection, produced in a family-owned textiles factory in Portugal!

Chapter 4: Sunday On The Road

Our journey didn't stop there! In 2020, we took our soft offering on the road to our first trade show in New York City, where we received an overwhelmingly positive response. 

Who would’ve thought that, by 2023, we’d be featured not only in mom and pop stores around the country, but also in Nordstrom, Saks, Bloomingdale's and Macy’s stores nationwide (to name just a few!).

Chapter 5: 5-Stars All Round

Along the way, we've been humbled by incredible reviews and support from our loyal customers, as well as major publications. Your love for Sunday Citizen's products fuels our passion and commitment to creating the softest, high quality items.

From 2019…

The moment I pulled it out of the box I started wrapping myself in it. I legit didn’t want to get up. It is the coziest and most soft blanket ever! 100% recommend!” - Ashlyn C.

… to now…

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Architectural Digest 

"5 out of 5 stars. I can’t believe how much better I’m sleeping!"


"If you look for the softest, coziest materials when shopping for bedding, Sunday Citizen is right up your alley."



“Every night I feel like I’m crawling into a cloud. It’s the best feeling ever. Worth every penny!”



“Okay, so when I tell you this is the best blanket I have ever had in my entire life, I mean it. My entire family is hooked.”

… we love nothing more than to feel the love from happy customers!

Chapter 6: Unveiling Our Cozy Haven

In December 2022, Sunday Citizen proudly opened its flagship store in SOHO, New York City, marking a major milestone in our journey. Finally, customers could experience the irresistible softness of our bedding, bath linens, loungewear and more in person!

With its blend of tranquility and style, our store inspires elevated downtime and cozy moments in the heart of the city that never sleeps. Come on into a world of softness and relaxation. (Naps encouraged - we won’t tell if you don’t.)

We’ve had such an amazing journey so far, and we know this is only the start. Join us for a “buy more, save more” sale from June 26th - July 5th, as we celebrate five years of softness, happiness, and the journey ahead. 

Here's to many more cozy moments with Sunday Citizen.