Reader, Friend, Lover Of Soft

Reader, Friend, Lover Of Soft

This is our first entry of The Soft Side and we wanted to give you a warm welcome and some background. 

Sunday Citizen is a company created through two families' convergence: one in textiles and one in hospitality. It all started when a luxury hotelier contacted a third-generation textile manufacturer and asked him to make blankets that were radically soft and also able to withstand the rigors of hotel use (think daily industrial washing and drying). After a lot of research, work, and testing, we created a proprietary blend that literally changed the game. So, we created Sunday Citizen to share this amazing new fabric directly with consumers around the world. 

It's been a little over two years since our inception, and we're so incredibly thankful for the amazing reception and our growing community of people who, like us, share a passion for comfort. 

This blog is a space to share tips, initiate conversations and give inspiration about how to live with "everyday luxury." 

Luxury for us is not expensive. It's not caviar, gold, or fancy brands. When we say luxury, we mean the joy and peace of being rested, calm and comfortable. It's a feeling, not an object. So, we will explore the art of living opulently through things like better sleep, deeper connections, health, beautify, and, most of all, comfort.  

They say home is where the heart is. Our goal is to help keep our hearts radiating joy so that our homes genuinely become our happy place.  

Thank you for joining us on this new ride and happy reading!